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Kathy Belge

L Word Recap 510

By March 14, 2008

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Dykes on Bikes: Subaru Pink Ride

The whole show this week takes place on the Subaru Pink Ride, a breast cancer fundraising bicycle ride. Team Dana is assembled and ready to go; Shane, Tina, Jodi, Bette, Alice, Tasha, Kit, Max, Tom, Jenny and Bette. But then a few people show up unexpectedly. Like Nikki, who is supposed to be shooting a cover for Rolling Stone and is not supposed to be seen in public with Jenny.

Tina is upset about Nikki showing up. What do you think weíre going to have sex on the side of the road? Nikki wants to know. Actually, knowing you and Jenny, yes.

Itís like Riding a BikeÖ

Then Molly shows up and tries to get Shane to listen to her. But why should she listen? After the ways Molly insulted Shane last week. Shane tells her off. ďI donít want to listen to you. Iím the uneducated one, remember? I donít want to be your loser f**k buddy. I donít want you to pity me. I donít want you to save me. I donít want to be your teacher into the gay world. I donít want any of it. So just go home.Ē

Great speech Shane, but why do you let that spoiled straight girl right back in? Just because she said she loves you? Weak! She might think itís love, but obviously thereís no respect. I thought Shane was way cooler than that. Plus, Molly isnít even good in bed. What gives?

The purpose of the ride

After a long day of riding their bikes, the gals end up in a small house or church or something with candles and pictures on the wall of people who have died of breast cancer. Everyone cries and Alice puts a pin with Danaís picture on the wall with the others who have died of breast cancer.

Whatís the deal with Adele?

So, theyíre sitting around the campfire and Alice wants to know Adeleís deal. Does she like girls or what? Adele wonít exactly say, but Alice says, ďWe should hook you up. Thatís what these rides are for. Curing cancer and one-night stands.Ē Obviously someone from the show has been on a ride like this. I have. Alice speaks the truth.

But really what is the deal with Adele? Is it that she really wants to be Jenny so badly? Is that why she steals Jenny and Nikkiís sex tape? I canít wait to see where this will go.

Alice & Tasha

I think Iím in love with Tasha. Well, Alice too. Even if Alice does have a big mouth. But Iím getting ahead of myself. First Alice and Tasha have a serious talk. Tasha wants to know, does Alice want kids? Does she see herself in LA? Tasha sees something in her future. Alice. She asks Alice to move in with her. Alice agrees. But they donít even have sex to celebrate. Is the Lesbian Bed Death starting all ready?

Aliceís Big Mouth

The girls are playing an innocent game of ďIíve NeverĒ around the campfire. But then the conversation turns to the topic of cheating. What constitutes cheating? Is kissing cheating? Is having sex with someone cheating if your heart still belongs to the other person? Alice says Bette should know about cheating. She cheated on her. She cheated on Tina. Jodi playfully wants to know if Bette is cheating on her. Poor Bette, she may be able to cheat, but she can't lie. Thereís no hiding it, the woman is tortured. Jodi reads it all over her face. She storms off. Tina goes to hide in her tent and Bette is left with her emotions.

How will it resolve?

Only two episodes left? Will Helena return? Will Bette and Tina make it? Will Jodi be gone from the show? What does that mean for Max and Tom? Alice and Tasha moving in together, is it too soon or the right move? Stay tuned!
© Paul Michaud/Showtime
March 15, 2008 at 2:44 am
(1) Tracy says:

I have to admit – i love the sex scenes between nikki and jenny. Nikki wearing a strap on – MMM . nothing like a beautiful woman with a strap – very sexy

March 17, 2008 at 4:08 pm
(2) Sterkworks says:

I’ve not liked the whole “movie” storyline this year, and was just about ready to cancel my Showtime subscription…until I realized the season finale is next week.

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