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Check out the Lesbian Life Forum. It's got a whole new look. I think you'll like what you see. And also what you read. I know many of you write into me for advice. Sometimes I have time to get back to you, but often I don't. That's what the Lesbian Life Forum is for. You can get and share advice with hundreds of women from all over the world. Here's just one small example of the kinds of advice people are seeking:
I've been going out with my girlfriend for about 6 months. We were probably doomed from the start since she is married (to a man). Neither of us was gay before this. I guess I should have seen this coming, but today out of the blue, she decided to end it. She said some pretty mean things like she hates me and blamed me for it ending because she said there were aspects of my personality she didn't like. I told her when you're in a relationship, the other person isn't going to be perfect and you have to accept that and be willing to work on it. So I told her she was a quitter for giving up so easily, but then she said that she is risking so much to be with me that she felt it wasn't worth the risk anymore since I wasn't "the person she is looking for". I told her maybe she needs to be with her husband and stop chasing after single people and messing up their lives. I feel like I was used and I'm having a hard time getting over it. This was my first lesbian breakup and it's so much worse than breaking up with a guy for some reason. It's also complicated by the fact that we work together. Does anyone have any advice or any words that will make me feel better?

You can leave some advice for the heart-broken lady above or if you prefer, you can also meet and chat with women, just looking for friends. Or take part in the political discussions, love and celebrity polls or simply poke around and see what lesbians are concerned about these days. Be sure to visit the Lesbian Life Forum.

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