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Kathy Belge

Advice for Lesbians

By January 23, 2013

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Dear Abby died last week. I remember reading her advice in the paper when I was growing up. She gave sensible and sometimes snarky advice. I remember on many occasions when she supported gay people and called out homophobia. She was someone I looked up to. I often think about what Dear Abby would say when I'm answering a letter from a lovelorn lesbian or questioning teen who writes in looking for advice. I received two very different emails yesterday and I couldn't help but wonder then, how Dear Abby would have answered them. How would you?

Heart Broken in Nigeria

Dear Lesbian Life:
I live in Nigeria. I need your help and advice.
My girlfriend just told me tonight about her introduction with a guy she wants to marry soon. It really shocked me because she is someone I really love and trust. And she kept telling me she won't leave despite the fact that she will soon get married. I'm deeply hurt and sad. Please what should I do?

Heart Broken in Nigeria

Dear Heart Broken;

I feel for you, I really do.
Why is your girlfriend getting married? Does she think it is the only safe option for her? I know that Nigeria is not very gay friendly. In fact, it's quite homophobic.. keep reading.

Hetero Mary

Dear Lesbian Life
I want to get ate out by a female
just to see what it feels like. Any ideas on where I can find a lesbian who would want to eat out a straight female? Thanks.
Signed Hetero Mary

Dear Mary;

If you're serious about your request, and you told me you are, I'd start by toning your language down. I can't think of any woman I know who likes the term "ate out." But then again, I can't think of any woman I know who would like to "service" a straight girl...keep reading.

Yes, these are real letters. What would you say?

Hannah Chapman

January 24, 2013 at 11:28 am
(1) ~G says:

Heart Broken in Nigeria- Your GF doesn’t want a life-long relationship as a lesbian. As tough as that is, it’s fact, & the sooner you accept it, the better for you. Move on. I had the very same happen to me, so I do know what I’m talking about. Try to forgive her- it’ll be good for both of you. You look for a woman who is out & is prepared for the life you wish to have.

“Dear Mary;”

Is either a man or a very crude female. I’d encourage her to seek professional help- both psychologically as well as sexually. With that attitude, she’ll need to pay serious money to get what she’s looking for.

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