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Ellen DeGeneres Show: Is Ellen Out on her Show?

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show is in its fourth season and is one of the most successful daytime TV shows. Ellen insisted before the show aired that it was not going to be a “gay” show. But has she shied away from the topic? Not totally.

From time to time, Ellen has alluded to her lesbian self. Speaking of the Madonna-Britney kiss, Ellen said to Justin Timberlake, “That kiss thing, I was as disgusted as you were.” And later she joked, “I can’t imagine what it’s like to have such a public break-up.”
More often than not, Ellen is not the one to bring up her sexual orientation. But when a guest brings up the topic, she jokes along with them.

Those usually end up being some of the funniest moments on the show.

Ellen has not made a point of her lesbianism, but she has not hid the fact either.

She doesn’t come out every day. But does she need to? America knows Ellen is a lesbian. She doesn’t need to come out every day for us to know that. You can’t blame Ellen for being shy of the topic when her sit com was cancelled under criticism that it was “too gay.”

Her new show appears to be in no danger of going that route. The Ellen DeGeneres show has gotten rave reviews and high ratings. In fact, according to the New York Times News Service, daytime television hasn't seen such high ratings since the Rosie O'Donnell Show. The Ellen DeGeneres Show was won numerous Emmy Awards. Do lesbians have a special knack for day-time talk?

The show has been funny, fun and entertaining. She opens each day with a stand-up routine. That part especially has been good. Ellen is, after all, a really funny comedian. She's taken criticism for her butch attire and even agreed to several make-overs. Even so, she insists that she likes herself the way she is and isn't going to change for anybody. And that, I think is the key to Ellen's success.

Ellen has a style that’s all her own. She's smart, funny and makes her guests feel at ease. Perhaps the times have changed enough that America is able to see that she is much more than just a gay figure head, she is a great entertainer.

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