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Leisha Hailey


Leisha Hailey as Alice from The L Word

On the Day that She was born...:

Leisha Hailey was born in Okinawa Japan on July 11, 1971. She was raised outside of Omaha, Nebraska.

I wanna be a Rock-n-Roll Star:

Hailey founded the rock duo The Murmurs with Heather Grody. Later they formed the band Gush. Her current band is Uh Huh Her with Camila Grey.

Yogurt :

One of Hailey's early acting gigs was on Yoplait yogurt commercials.

L is for Lucy:

Leisha Hailey played teen lesbian Lucy in the 1997 film All Over Me with Wilson Cruz.

Ellen's Coming Out Party:

Hailey had a bit part in the coming out episode of the Ellen Show.

Constant Craving:

Hailey was involved with kd lang for a number of years. The two are no longer together.

L is for Alice:

Leisha plays bisexual journalist Alice Pieszecki on the L Word.

Singer or Actor?:

Leisha Hailey considers herself equal parts musician and actress. "I've never really labeled myself into any pocket of creativity," she says. "I took to it all. I like expanding my creative horizon in any sort of way. I find that they inspire each other. They help me, especially with the live show. In a way, you're playing someone else when you're onstage."

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