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Tammy Lynn Michaels


Tammy Lynn Michaels

Tammy Lynn Michaels

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Tammy Lynn Michaels was born Tammy Lynn Doring in Lafayette, Indiana on November 26, 1974.

Sun Sign:

She is a Sagittarius, known to be freedom-loving, optimistic and carefree.

Humble Beginnings:

Tammy was raised by a single mother and as a child wanted to be an actor. She acted in the summers during high school.

NYC or Bust:

Tammy's mom drove her to New York City after high school graduation where she had hopes of attending an acting conservatory. When those plans fell through, she worked as a nanny and as a waitress.

The Big Break:

While working at a restaurant in New York, she was approached by an acting scout. She landed a few jobs in commercials and within a week of moving to Los Angeles, she was cast as Nicole Julian on Popular.

Ice Princess:

Michaels played Nicole Julian on the WB's series Popular from 1999-2001. Her character was the quintessential popular girl who persecutes those who don't live up to her code.

I want to Be in Love:

After the show was cancelled, Michaels was out at a gay bar with some friends. Melissa Etheridge was there. On a dare, Tammy Lynn approached Melissa and asked her out to dinner. Turns out, the two had a lot in common and hit it off immediately.

Outed by People:

Tammy Lynn Michaels was outed when People Magazine reported on her relationship with Melissa Etheridge.

Wedding Day:

Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels were wed September 22, 2003 in Los Angeles to celebrate California's historic domestic partnership ruling.
  • On October 17, 2006 Tammy gave birth to twins: a girl nammed Johnnie Rose and a boy named Miller Steven.
  • The L Word and Beyond:

    Prior to her relationship with Melissa Etheridge, Tammy Lynn Michaels identified as a lesbian, but was not out. She admits she was afraid of the effect it would have on her career. "When I was closeted, it wasn't just hypocritical and un-PC, it was also killing me," Michaels said in an interview with Television without Pity.

    Michaels credits Etheridge's comfort in her sexuality with her newfound willingness to be out.

    Michaels appears in a few episodes of Showtime's The L Word. She acts as one of playgirl Shane's spurned lovers.

    Michaels also appeared in the short film D.E.B.S., but was not cast in the full-length version of the film.

    Here's an interview I did with Tammy Lynn Michaels.

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