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Lesbians with Cancer

Where Can You Turn for Help?


If you're a lesbian who has been diagnosed with cancer you need support that will treat you and your relationships with care and respect. Here are some places you can turn to.

Mautner Foundation The Mautner Project, in Washington, DC, coordinates support for lesbians with cancer and their caregivers. If you’re living with a cancer diagnosis and want to talk with other lesbians, Mautner offers a support group and many other services. They also have support groups for partners and caregivers or for lesbians whose partner has died from any cause.

LGBT Health Channel has informative articles about lesbians and cancer and all other kinds of health issues. On this site you can also post questions that will be answered by a physician.

The Komen Foundation not only raises money for research for a cure for breast cancer, but their web site also has a plethora of information about prevention, stages of the disease, resource links and information about lesbians and breast cancer.

Web MD is another excellent source of information for women with cancer. When my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, she found a lot of support in these chat rooms.

Hambleton Project Based in Portland, Or, the Hambleton Project provides support to lesbians with cancer and other life threatening conditions. They also have an excellent training for healthcare providers to better their relationships with lesbian patients.

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