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Michigan Womyn's Music Festival 2011

Where the Women Are!


Michigan Womyn's Music Festival 2011

Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

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Long before Lilith Faire brought feminine entertainment to the masses, Lesbians have been creating a cultural no-mans-land of their own. As August nears, thousands of women are packing their camping gear and heading out to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival or as it's fondly known, "The Land." Each year for the past 30 years, five to ten thousand lesbians from all over the world descend on 650 acres in rural Michigan for music, workshops, women-made crafts, films, dance and the opportunity to spend time in an all-women environment.

A true community is created as women return year after year to build from the ground up, a welcoming space for the many diverse women who attend. In true feminist fashion, childcare is provided and disabled women have their own accessible camping area.

If you think Michigan is a bunch of long-haired lesbians strumming folk guitars, think again! You'll hear some of the best lesbian comedians, hip hop, rock, jazz, country and yes, folk performers at the festival. This year's performers include God-des and She, Suzanne Westenhoefer, C.C. Carter, Hunter Valentine, Vicki Randle and Melissa Ferrick.

With workshops with diverse topics such as "Butch Yoga","75 and Still Revolting! ," "Amazon Archery," "Queering Your Sex," "The Full-Figured DIVA Experience" and "Drumming for Health and Wellness ", there's sure to be something for everyone. Michigan is something I recommend every lesbian attend at least once in her lifetime!

So make your plans now for the 2011 Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, August 2-7, 2011.

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