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Weeding at Dawn: A Lesbian Country Life

Guide Review

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating


by Hawk Madrone
Weeding at Dawn: A Lesbian Country Life by Hawk Madrone


  • An interesting look into a solitary country life
  • Beautiful descriptions of the Oregon country-side


  • Long on description, short on action.
  • Trade paperback
  • Published by Alice Street Editions: Harrington Park Press, 2000
  • ISBN 1-56023-207-2

    Have you ever dreamed of leaving everything behind and moving to the country? Back in the 1970s hundreds of lesbians did just that. Hawk Madrone and her "land partner" purchased an old farm in rural Oregon and set about making a new life. Madrone's book sometimes reads like a journal entry as she faces the triumphs and obstacles of living a country life. There are chapters on lost loves, dealing with skunks in the henhouse and the visit of elderly mother. Although sometimes long on description and short on action, this is a sweet book that I would recommend to anyone who's ever dreamed of living a simpler life.

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