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San Francisco Gay Wedding Photos

Links to same-sex marriage pictures


Two guys Kissing
Kathy Belge
Although gay and lesbian marriages are no longer happening in San Francisco, you can still view photos of the events. Weddings, which are usually a private affair between the marrying parties, their families and friends turned into big public celebrations.

Crowds of supporters gathered outside San Francisco City Hall to show their support to all the gay and lesbian couples vowing to be "spouses for life."
Here are a few web sites that have gathered photos from the historic event:

Lance Arthur's creative photos show the emotion of the day.

Shooter.net wants to share his photos of Valentine's Day Weekend Weddings with you. He also wants to hear from you if you're in one of these photos so he can document the love and devotion all these amazing same-sex couples have for one another. Take a look!

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