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A Brief History of Gay Pride Parades - Gay Life - About.com
After the Stonewall riots in 1969, many LGBT people—even those that did not witness the rebellion—were inspired to contribute to the cause. Gay rights had ...
New York City Gay History Timelines - Manhattan - About.com
Virtually every corner of Manhattan has its own gay history, starting with the bottom tip that began life as New Amsterdam in the early 1600's, and stretching up to ...
History of the Gay Rights Movement - Civil Liberites
An illustrated history of the American gay rights movement.
Books about New York City Gay History - NYC LGBT History in Print
The gay history of New York City has been the subject of several excellent books in recent years. Find out more about the long history of LGBT people in NYC, ...
Timeline of Chelsea Gay History - Manhattan - About.com
New York's Chelsea area became the city's main gayborhood in the 1990s, but its LGBT history stretches back for decades. This timeline of Chelsea gay history  ...
The Stonewall Riots - New York City History - Manhattan - About.com
The Stonewall is an unassuming little bar in Manhattan's West Village that has become a true landmark in gay history. Forty years ago, the New York gay ...
Gay New York City History - Manhattan - About.com
Read about how gay and lesbian New Yorkers shaped the history of New York City and the world.
Timeline of Midtown Gay History 1900-1960 - Manhattan - About.com
New York City's Midtown area has a gay past stretching back more than a century . This timeline hits the main highlights of Midtown's LGBT history, from 1900 to ...
Timeline of Greenwich/West Village Gay History, 1890 ... - Manhattan
New York's Greenwich/West Village area was the city's first ever gayborhood. Find out more about the events that shaped its early LGBT history, from 1890 to ...
Timeline of Harlem Gay History - Manhattan - About.com
Long known as the spiritual center of New York's African-American community, Harlem also has a deep gay history, including an LGBT community that ...
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