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An Interview with Tammy Lynn Michaels - Lesbian Life - About.com
Tammy Lynn Michaels, actor and wife of lesbian rocker Melissa Etheridge took a few moments to chat with me about coming out, her love and marriage to ...
Sarah Shahi Interview - Lesbian Life - About.com
The L Word and how she feels about lesbian culture. ... I feel like it was unpredictable which as an actress I enjoy playing things that other people don't foresee.
Cris Williamson: An Interview - Lesbian Life - About.com
I think to have actors portraying… why wouldn't you have lesbians? They're there. They're certainly there in Hollywood. Hungry as we are, we go okay, that's ...
Famous Gay People of Color - Race Relations - About.com
In addition to black gay and lesbian celebrities, the list includes gay Latino celebrities and famous gay Asian Americans. Can you name any of the stars likely to ...
Kids of Famous Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender ... - Gay Life
The other daughter of award winning actress Vanessa Redgrave, and bisexual film director Tony Richardson and also had a bisexual grandfather (Sir Michael ...
Why Penus Van Lesbian Changed His Name - Netlore Archive
If you'd been born with the name 'Penus Van Lesbian,' you would have changed ... "You have the very obvious good looks and excellent demeanor of an actor.
Julie Goldman Interview - Lesbian Life - About.com
Lesbian Life had the opportunity to sit down with Julie Goldman from Logo's Big ... Did you have any role models that you looked up to as actors or comedians?
Deaf people including famous deaf people - Deafness - About.com
... deaf people, multicultural, deaf women, gay and lesbian, and senior citizens. ... Marlee Matlin has demonstrated longetivity as an actress, producer, and writer.
Girl crushes - are they normal? - Page 1 - Calorie Count
Although, I wouldn't consider myself a lesbian, because I could never ... your marriage, acting on crushes--male or female--could be very costly.
Is Ciara a Man? - Ciara's Secret Sex-Change Operation
Ciara's "coming out" as a lesbian would have been difficult on its own. But also having to admit that she is really a he on national television was cause for ...
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