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What's the difference between Marriage/Civil Union? - Lesbian Life
Some even say they support equal rights for gays and lesbians, but not gay marriage. Is this ... But can't a lawyer set all this up for gay and lesbian couples? No.
The Basics to Gay Adoption for Gay and Lesbian Couples
Gay adoption information for gay and lesbian couples interested in expanding their families.
Lesbian and Gay Rights - Gay Adoption Rights - Civil Liberties
President George W. Bush signs the Adoption Promotion Act of 2003, intended to encourage more opposite-sex couples to adopt children. Same-sex couples ...
Taxes for Same-Gender Married Couples in New York State
Update: Gay and lesbian spouses can file as married in the state of New York. Lawfully married couples in New York state (whether they were married in New ...
Tax Issues Faced by Gay and Lesbian Married Couples
Over the past year since the landmark Supreme Court decision United States versus Windsor, gay and lesbian couples have seen enormous changes in the way ...
Where Is Gay and Same-Sex Adoption Legal? - Gay Life - About.com
Each state carries their own laws for single gays and lesbians and same-sex couple seeking to adopt. This index of adoption laws by state shows where gay and ...
What Options Are Available for Gay and Lesbian Adoptions?
International Adoptions: This option is complicated as it means finding an agency willing to work with a gay or lesbian couple and a foreign country willing to ...
Gay and Lesbian Friendly Caribbean Destinations - Caribbean Travel
With its fun-in-the-sun destinations, carefree attitude, and myriad couples- oriented resorts, the Caribbean seems an ideal vacation spot for gay and lesbian  ...
The Arguments for Adoption by Same-Sex Couples - Gay Life
The push against gay, lesbian, and same-sex couple adoption is more about gay discrimination than child welfare. So, before you buy into the myths and ...
Gay and Lesbian Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies ...
Are you planning a lesbian, gay, transgender or queer wedding? ... in: Gay and Lesbian Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies - Information for GLBT couples  ...
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