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What's the difference between Marriage/Civil Union? - Lesbian Life
Vermont was the first state to create civil unions in 2000 to provide legal protections to gays and lesbians in relationships in that state because gay marriage was ...
Mitt Romney - 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate - Lesbian Life
This article explores where Mitt Romney stands on gay and lesbian issues. ... Lesbian Life Expert. Share this. Send to a .... Dating & Relationships Slideshows.
Resources for Lesbians and LGBT Affected by Domestic Violence
Lesbians and LGBT survivors of domestic violence need a safe place where they can get ... L.A.Gay and Lesbian Center ... Dating & Relationships Slideshows.
HPV Risk in Lesbian Relationships - Cervical Cancer - About.com
Jun 27, 2014 ... Should lesbians worry about HPV? Learn more about how HPV can affect women in lesbian relationships.
Heterosexual Couples can Learn from Gays and Lesbians
Nov 10, 2005 ... Gottman describes gay and lesbian relationships as being characterized by "the triumph of positive emotions over negative emotions.
What to Do if Your Spouse Is Gay - About.com Marriage
Mixed orientation couples means that one spouse is either gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. According .... Today's Top 5 Picks In Dating & Relationships.
Boston Marriage - Women's History - About.com
Whether these were lesbian relationships -- in the sexual sense -- is debatable and debated. The likelihood is that some were, some weren't. Today, the term ...
Same-Sex Couple Statistics and US Census Data
The Williams Institute theorizes that this increased in the number of gay and lesbian couples may have to do with their ... Dating & Relationships Slideshows.
Judaism and Homosexuality - Orthodox Jews - Traditional Views ...
However, these men are not "gay" and the women are not "lesbian. ... preferences could and should be encouraged to give heterosexual relationships a try.
Gay Population Statistics in the United States - Gay Life - About.com
The number of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people in the United States can be estimated, but see why the total number can ... Dating & Relationships Slideshows.
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