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Origin of the Word "Dyke" - Lesbian Life - About.com
Sep 25, 2006 ... The history of words is interesting, especially slang words. The word dyke was often used as an insult and slur against lesbians, especially ...
What is a stem lesbian? - Lesbian Life - About.com
Here is the definition of a stem lesbian. ... A stem is a lesbian who identifies somewhere between "stud" and "femme." Next Term: Stone Butch. Also Known As: ...
L.U.G. Lesbian Until Graduation - Lesbian Life - About.com
LUG stands for "Lesbian until Graduation." A LUG is a woman ... Next term: Out of the Closet ... Lesbians sleeping in a bed - Rune Johansen/ Taxi/ Getty Images.
German Glossary of Words to Avoid - L
wood slat, slang dictionary, slang words, glossary glossary, german forums, confusing words, english glossary, ... die Lesbe (-n) lesbian (see note below).
Online Dating Acronym and Slang Terms - About.com
Keep this list of acronyms handy and you'll understand internet dating lingo in no time. ... G/L/B/T or GLBT Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered GSOH Good ...
sexual orientation - slang words for sexual orientation - LGBT Teens
A lesbian or a dyke. Heterosexual or straight. But not everyone agrees on which slang terms are acceptable. While most people are comfortable using the term ...
German Glossary of Words to Avoid - Feindbilder - Hate Terms
This is a special glossary of slang words and other expressions in German that need to ... See the main glossary for more terms in this topic, including lesbians.
Gay Life: News, Dating Tips, Lifestyle Advice, Slang
Gay and lesbian teens make up a third of teen suicides. Here are steps you can take to help a suicidal friend. Share. Japanese Business Man - Yuki Kotani/Getty  ...
Gay Adoption - Arkansas - The Worst States for Gay and Lesbian ...
Arkansas named on of the worst states for gay and lesbian adoption. ... Slang · Gay Life: News, Dating Tips, Lifestyle Advice, Slang · Lesbian and Gay Marriage  ...
Glossary of Southern Slang Terms (G-P) - Little Rock - About.com
This Southern Slang Dictionary will clear up all confusion and help you navigate ... Local Bands & Nightlife · History, Facts and Famous Locals · Gay / Lesbian / ...
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