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Ian Harvie - FTM Comedian - Lesbian Life - About.com
I do hear from people of all ages who are questioning their gender and sexuality and this is what I say to them: "Who you are and your identity is NOT up for ...
Sex and Sexuality for Seniors - Senior Health - About.com
Includes information on sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted disease and ... Find information about impotence and more in the answer to this question from a  ...
What the Bible Says About Homosexuality - About Christian Teens
Question: What the Bible Says About. ... Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual ...
Coming Out as Questioning - Questioning if I am a Lesbian
If you are questioning your sexual orientation is it wise to come out? ... I've been questioning for seriously years and I'm tired of it. ... Sexuality for GLBT Teens.
Bipolar Disorder and Sex - About.com
When we are in monogamous relationships, we question if our needs are being ... When we explore our sexuality and actively seek gratification, we may feel our  ...
How Do You Define Pansexuality - What Is A Pansexual - Dating
(Now it says u can become sexually and emotionally attracted to anyone and more than one .... And now i know what pansexuality is im questioning myself.
Same-Sex Attraction Explained in 5 Minutes - Gay Life - About.com
Plus, some people don't consider themselves gay or lesbian when questioning their sexuality. Using terms like same-sex attraction gives anti-gay groups and ...
Reader Question: Why Can't My Husband ... - Divorce Support
Jun 27, 2011 ... Reader Question: Why Can't My Husband Maintain an Erection During ... I'm so frustrated sexually and emotionally over this and I have no idea ...
Lesbian Life: I am confused about my sexuality. Please help me ...
Expert: Vicky - 9/1/2004. Question I am a 20-year-old girl. I have never had a boyfriend - I've never been in a relationship with a boy or a girl. I've had crushes on ...
Jessica Lowndes Interview - An Interview with 90210 Star Jessica ...
She battled drug addiction, a pregnancy and is now questioning her sexuality. She's also exploring her musical side, which I think is the healthiest outlet for her  ...
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