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Lesbian Sexual How-Tos

How do you have lesbian sex? What goes where and who does what? These articles will talk you through different lesbian sex positions and lesbian sex practices.

First time lesbian sex with experienced partner
If you're new to lesbian sex, but your partner is experienced, here are some tips to help you both enjoy your first lesbian sex.

Make Love with Your Hands
Your hands are your best sex toy. Learn how to make love to a woman with your hands.

Kiss Like a Pro
Kissing can be the ultimate sexual act. Learn how to kiss like a pro.

Female Ejaculation without G-Spot Stimulation
Tips and information about female ejaculation with or without g-spot stimulation.

How to Pack a Dildo Under Your Clothes
Wearing a dildo under your clothes (or packing) can be a sexy foreplay to sex.

What are the Steps of Tribadism?
How do lesbians enjoy tribadism? What are the steps to tribadism?

What are Some New things Lesbians Can Try to Spice Up their Sex Lives?
Are you and your lover in a rut? Are you looking for some new things to try to spice up your sex life? Here are a few ideas for spicing things up with your lover.

How to: Fisting
What are the steps involved with "fisting" the act of inserting your whole hand into a woman's vagina?

Lesbian Breast Play
Some tips for lesbian breast play.

How to Clean Up After Sex
How to clean up after sex without ruining the mood.

Lesbian Breast Play
Learn how to play with your partner's breast in a way that is pleasurable to both of you.

Make Love to a Woman with Your Hands
Our hands are the best sexual tools. Learn how to use your hands to give your lover a great hand job.

Kiss Like a Pro
Kissing is essential. Do you want to learn to kiss better? Lesbian Life offers expert advice on the fine art of kissing and how to improve your kissing skills.

Female Ejaculation without G-Spot Stimulation
Can you female ejaculate without stimulating the G-Spot? Yes you can!

How to Make Oral Sex Better
Here are some quick tips to making oral sex, or Cunnilingus, more enjoyable for you and your partner.

How to Clean your sex toys: dildos and vibrators
Here's some info on how to keep your sex toys clean and working properly. How to care for your dildo and vibrators.

Lesbian Sex Question: Tribadism
Here's a lesbian sex question for lesbian sex expert Felice Newman, Author of the Whole Lesbian Sex Book: What are the steps of tribadism?

How to: Fisting
Fisting is the act of inserting your whole hand into a woman's vagina. This article will give you step-by-step instructions for how to safely fist with your partner.

Cunnilingus: Oral Sex for Women
For women who want sexual advice on how to make love to another woman, About Sexuality Guide Anne Semans offers these tips on Cunnilingus or Oral Sex for Women.

How to Find Your G-Spot
How to find your G-spot.

How to Shave Your Pubic Area for Sex
Women: how to shave your pubic area for sex.

How to Talk Dirty to Your Lover
How to talk dirty to your lesbian lover.

Tips for Lesbians on How to Masturbate
A few tips on how to masturbate for lesbians.

How to Have Quiet Sex
The Art of Quiet Sex - How to Have Lesbian Quiet Sex.

Sex Positions for Cunnilingus
Different sex positions for lesbian oral sex.

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