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A Straight Woman is Looking for a Sexual Adventure with Another Woman

Where Can a Straight Woman Meet a Lesbian for Sex?


Dear Lesbian Life

I want to get ate out by a female just to see what it feels like. Any ideas on where I can find a lesbian who would want to eat out a straight female? Thanks.
Signed Hetero Mary

Dear Mary;

If you’re serious about your request, and you told me you are, I’d start by toning your language down. I can’t think of any woman I know who likes the term “ate out.” But then again, I can’t think of any woman I know who would like to “service” a straight girl, just to get her off.

It seems like the kind of request you’d put on Craigslist. But then again, I’d personally be afraid of anyone who answered an ad like that.

You could also try going to a lesbian bar and see if you can pick someone up. Maybe if she’s drunk enough or desperate enough, she’ll take you up on your offer. I understand some women actually do like sleeping with straight women. As they say, “It takes all kinds.”

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