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Profile of Lesbian Financial Guru Suze Orman


Suze Orman

Suze Orman

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Suze Orman Lesbian Financial Expert:

Suze Orman is a certified financial planner whose no-nonsense advice and empowering message, especially to women, has earned a widespread respect, many fans and numerous awards and recognition.

Suze Orman Comes Out:

Suze Orman came out in an interview with the New York Times magazine in February 2007. Here's a bit from that interview:

NYT Magazine: Are you married?
Suze Orman: I’m in a relationship with life. My life is just out there. I’m on the road every day. I love my life.
Meaning what? Do you live with anyone?
K.T. is my life partner. K.T. stands for Kathy Travis. We’re going on seven years. I have never been with a man in my whole life. I’m still a 55-year-old virgin.

Suze Orman Comes Out for GLBT Financial Equal Rights:

(continued from NYT Magazine interview:)
Would you like to get married to K.T.?
Yes. Absolutely. Both of us have millions of dollars in our name. It’s killing me that upon my death, K.T. is going to lose 50 percent of everything I have to estate taxes. Or vice versa.

Best-Selling Author Suze Orman:

Suze's Early Academic Struggles:

Suze Orman had trouble learning to read in elementary school. In an interview with Bookbrowse.com Suze said, "I grew up thinking that because I couldn't read, I was stupid and would never amount to anything. I worked my way through college as a waitress and thought I wasn't capable of doing anything else. My grades in English were horrible, and I barely got through."

Suze's Financial Lessons:

Suze borrowed $50,000 to start her own business in 1980. She invested the money with Merrill Lynch, but soon lost it all. She knew she had to earn the money back, so she returned to Merrill Lynch and entered their stockbroker training program. It was through that training that she learned her stockbroker acted illegally and she sued and won all her money back, plus interest. She then stayed on as a stockbroker.

Suze's TV Success:

Suze is now host of the popular The Suze Orman Show on CNBC. Suze Orman was awarded 2008 National Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign and has won numerous other awards including Time magazine's Time 100: The World’s Most Influential People in May 2008.

Financial Advice from Suze Orman:

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

"Money has a force to it, an energy field, and I think it responds to you in the same way a human being does. Sometimes it's healthy; sometimes it doesn't feel well. It's attracted to your inner state. When you're feeling great and powerful, money's attracted to you, and when you're feeling powerless and depressed, money is repelled from you."

Financial Advice for Women:

  • Max out on your retirement savings options.
  • Have an eight-month emergency cash fund.
  • Keep at least one credit card in your name only.
  • Make sure you have enough life insurance.
  • Own a home outright.

From Suze Orman's Column on Yahoo.com

Addressing the Gay and Lesbian Community:

When accepting an award from the Human Rights Campaign Suze Orman said to the audience, "Money speaks volumes, people. It speaks louder than you have any idea. And for you and me and all of us to truly change what’s going on in this world you have got to be financially powerful. You cannot be in debt; you cannot have financial bondage if you want to set yourselves free." (Source: Advocate magazine)

For more financial advice: Suze Orman.com

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