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Bisexual Women & Bisexuality

Bisexual women are women who have relationships with women and men. Are you bisexual or bi-curious, this is where you'll find out what you need to know.

Guilt About Attraction to Men
Sexual orientation often isn't cut and dried. People may find themselves attracted to different people throughout their lives. Being in a relationship with a woman, doesn't mean you won't sometimes find men attractive, but there is no reason to feel guilt about your attractions.

Bi-phobia - Have you Experienced Bi-Phobia?
Have you experienced bi-phobia? Share your story.

What is Bi-phobia?
Discrimination against bisexuals is biphobia.

Bisexual 101 - Bisexuality Basics
What do you want to know about being bisexual? About dating bisexual women? About how to come out as bisexual? Find out here in our Bisexual 101 primer.

Why are Some Lesbians Leery of Bisexuals?
Some lesbians are prejudiced against bisexuals. Why is that?

Is Bisexuality a Stage?
Is bisexual just a stage before someone comes out as gay or lesbian?

Can Bisexual Women be Faithful?
Will your bisexual partner leave you for a man? Can bisexual women be faithful to just one sex?

What is Bisexuality?
What is bisexuality?

Famous Bisexual Women
When women are bisexual, their relationships with men are often acknowledged in the media, but their women lovers are conveniently ignored. These famous women have all loved both women and men have or have come out as bisexual.

When Should You Come Out as Bisexual?
When you meet someone, when do you tell them you're bisexual? What if you are interested in dating that person. When do you come out as bi?

Will My Bisexual Partner Leave me For a Man?
A lesbian is afraid her bisexual partner will leave her for a man. Is this fear founded in reality, or is it just a bisexual myth.

Top Myths About Bisexuals
Bisexuals sometimes get a bad rap. There's a lot of myths and misunderstanding about bisexuality. Here are the top myths about bisexual women.

What is bisexual/two-spirited?
What is the difference between bisexual and two-spirit?

Myths about Bisexual Men
What are some common myths and misconceptions about bisexuals?

BC Bisexual Network
With a bisexuality primer, this is a good place to start.

Bi Net USA
BiNet USA is the oldest and largest bisexual organization in the United States.

Shy Bi
This site for women only offers message boards, a recommended reading list and a place to post your stories.

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