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Bisexual 101 - Bisexuality Basics

A Primer on Bisexuality


Bisexuality is often the misunderstood sexual orientation. This bisexuality 101 primer is designed to help you better understand bisexuality, if you self-identify as bi or if you just want to understand more about bisexuality.

Bisexuality Basics: Start Here

  • What is Bisexuality?
  • Some lesbians have a problem with bisexual women. Some people don't believe bisexuality really exists. Others wish bisexuals would just "choose one." All of these are examples of biphobia. Learn more: What is bi-phobia?

Common Questions about Bisexuality

Let's face it, there are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about bisexuals. The media does a lot to perpetuate stereotypes and even members of the LGBT community don't always know what's what when it comes to bisexuality. Here are some common questions about bisexuals:
  • Is Bisexuality a stage before coming out as gay or lesbian?
  • Can bisexuals be faithful to one gender?
  • Why do some lesbians hate bisexuals?
  • Top Myths about Bisexuals
  • What is the prevalence of Bisexuality in the U.S?
  • What does Bi-Curious Mean?

    Famous Bisexual Women

    Bisexual women can often feel invisible. When they are with women they are labeled lesbian. When with men they are called straight. Bisexual women sometimes have to come out over and over again and even then, sometimes they are not believed. Here are some examples of famous bisexual women:

    Bisexual Coming Out Stories

    When you're trying to figure out your sexual orientation, reading stories from other women who have come out can help. Here, in their own words, are the coming out stories of several bisexual women and teens.

    Advice For and About Bisexuals

    Sometimes I feel like "Dear Abby" with the number of questions I get. Everything from relationship advice, coming out advice and people wanting me to help them figure out their sexual orientation. I do love to help out. Here are a few questions and answers that pertain to bisexuality:
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