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Top 5 Top Myths About Bisexual Women


Bisexuals are people who are attracted to both men and women. Bisexuals sometimes get a bad rap. There are many myths and misconceptions about bisexual women. This article will attempt to dispel some of the myths about bisexual women.

1. Myth: Bisexual Women are Really Straight

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Fact: Bisexual women are attracted to both men and women. Some bisexual women are more attracted to women. Others are more attracted to men. Some are equally attracted to both men and women. Where ever they fall in the spectrum, a bisexual woman is someone who enjoys intimacy with both men and women.

2. Myth: Bisexual Women are Really Lesbians

Fact: Some women may come out as bisexual before they come out as lesbian because either they're not really sure what they are, or they may think bisexuality is more acceptable than being a lesbian. Bisexuality can be a pathway to coming out as lesbian, but it is not always the case. Conversely, some women may come out as lesbian, but then realize that bisexuality is a more authentic identity.

3. Bisexual Women are Sexually Confused

Fact: There is a belief in both the straight and lesbian community that bisexuals cannot make up their minds which sex they want to be with. Usually it is the straight and gay people who are confused. The bisexuals know who they like: both men and women!

4. Bisexual Women are Promiscuous

Fact: Because bisexual women are attracted to both sexes, some people assume that they are more sexually promiscuous than other people. The truth is, bisexual women are as diverse as the rest of the population. Some may be having all kinds of sexual experiences, others may not have had any sexual relationships at all.

5. Bisexuals will Never Settle with one Person

Fact: Along with other myths about bisexuals is they myth that they will never settle with one sex because they will always be thinking about the other sex. The truth is bisexuals have as much ability to be monogamous as anyone.
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