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Lesbian Coming Out Story: Nicole

Coming Out with Lesbian Moms


I knew I liked older women at a very young age. Heck, I had little crushes on my teachers back in grade school. Especially my sixth grade teacher. But it really became clear when I was in 9th grade. I began to have feelings for my best friend Marie. She was bi, and I wasn’t really into that but I began to develop a little school girl crush on her. At the time I was dating a guy named Michael.

Coming out to lesbian parents

Well after a while it all got to me. So I told Marie how I felt, and unfortunately, I got crushed. She had a thing for our mutual friend Jen. But I came home crying that day and my mom and her gf (my mom is also a lesbian) asked what was wrong. So I threw the one journal I had been able to keep away from them at them. If I wasn’t so upset I would have gotten into A LOT of trouble. *smiles* But my mom and her wife (of now 8 years) had read it and then sat me down.

"It's just a phase"

They said they thought it was a phase and blamed it all on themselves. Saying they caused me to be that way. I told them that I knew I had feelings for women a long time before my mom ever even told me she was gay. I just didn’t know the name of it until then. For a long time they continued to think it was a phase. My father didn’t find out until I was around 16. He doesn’t like it, but he is still there for me I guess.

Since then I have I have dated women of all types, all over the spectrum. I have tried the online long distance thing, I have dated women young and older alike. I've had my heart broke, I've had dreams crushed, and I have had my heart put back together. I am 19 and I think I have finally found the woman I was meant to be with. The situation isn’t all that great, but our love is strong enough to surpass all.

Age differences

She is 32, still married (but we are going about getting her a divorce). We finally told her daughter about us, and we expected a lot of trouble, but only thing bad her daughter has said is she will never call me mom and that I'm too young. Which is ok, she and I are only 7 years apart. But her daughter sees how happy her mother is when she is with me, and she sees how happy I am when I am with her mom. We plan on moving in together very soon, and if all works well, we plan on having a wedding w/ our close friends and my family, her family does not accept her and probably never will. But as she says, she has her own family, she has two wonderful, kids, a woman who loves her, and my family absolutely ADORES her. Especially my mom. My mom picks on me in front of her. And if she feels comfortable enough to embarrass me in front of someone, then she really likes them.

Well, just thought I would share this. Sorry if it’s really long. But coming out and being able to be with the one I love has really meant a lot to me. I am finally able to let myself be me and I am able to show my true feelings to the people that mean the most to me.

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