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Advice for Coming Out of the Closet

Coming out of the closet as lesbian or bisexual at any age is scary. Here is some advice on how to handle coming out as lesbian or bisexual.

Could I Be a Lesbian?
She is fed up with men and likes to be around women, could she be a lesbian?

Butch or Femme
butch femme butches femmes fem fems lipstick lesbians

Coming out Later in Life – Late in Life Lesbian
Coming out later in life, in your 40s, 50s, 60s and old presents it's own challenges and rewards.

Does Being a Tomboy Make Me Gay?
Do tomboys grow up to be lesbians? If you were a tomboy as a child, is that an indication you might be gay?

How Can you Tell if You're Lesbian or if You're Bisexual?
How do you know when you're coming out if you are lesbian or bisexual? You know you like the same sex, but what about those attractions you've had in the past to guys? Does that mean you're not a lesbian? Does that mean you're bisexual? How do you figure it all out?

The definition of homosexual

In the closet, what does it mean to be in the closet or closeted?

How to Come Out to Your College Roommate
How do you come out to your college roommate as lesbian, bisexual, trans or gay.

Am I Really a Lesbian or Am I Bisexual?
Everyone says she is bisexual because she used to date men. But she feels like a lesbian. Which is she? Lesbian or bisexual?

Come Out to Your Husband - How to Come Out to Your Husband as Lesbian or Bi
How to come out to your husband as lesbian or bisexual. Tips for telling your husband you are gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Does Kissing a Girl When You're Drunk Make You Bisexual?
Many of us have done things we regret when drunk. But what about when we don't regret them? Does kissing a girl when you're drunk make you bisexual?

I have a Crush on My AA Sponor
A woman who is newly in recovery has strong feelings for her AA sponsor. She has never thought of herself as lesbian or bi before. What does all this mean?

What is National Coming Out Day?
National Coming Out Day for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. What is National Coming Out Day?

Why Are Women Lesbian?
Why are women lesbian? Is it because a man has never satisfied them sexually? What are the causes of lesbianism? How does someone become a lesbian?

Why are people afraid to come out?
Why are gays, lesbians and bisexuals afraid to come out of the closet? Is coming out a scary thing? Are you afraid to come out of the closet?

How to Meet Lesbians in a Small or Conservative Town
A newly out lesbian is uncertain where to meet other lesbians in her small, conservative town. Here are some tips for meeting lesbians, no matter where you live.

When Your College Roommate Comes Out as Gay or Lesbian
How do you react when your college roommate tells you s/he is lesbian, gay or bisexual?

Stages of Coming Out - Coming Out as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual
Coming out happens in stages. Coming out as lesbian, gay or bisexual is a process. Here are some of the stages you might be going through as you come to terms with your sexuality.

I Am Attracted to a Married Woman - But I Don't Know if She's Flirting with Me
If it's your first time being attracted to a woman and you're older, chances are you have both been involved in heterosexual relationships. One of you may even be married. What do you do it you are attracted to a married woman? How do you know if she is attracted to you?

Am I really a lesbian?
Are you really a lesbian? This can be one of the toughest questions someone can ask themselves. How do you know? How do you figure out the answer to the question, "Am I really a lesbian?"

What does Gayelle Mean?
Is gayelle going to be the new word for lesbian? If some women have their way, it will. Here's the definition of gayelle and information on its origination.

Help! My Partner is in the Closet
What do you do when you want to take your relationship to the next level, but your girlfriend is in the closet? Here are some tips for dealing with a girlfriend who is in the closet.

What does it mean to be bi-curious? Are you bi-curious? Does that mean you're lesbian or bisexual?

Should I come out of the closet?
You've admitted to yourself that you're lesbian or bisexual, so who should you tell and how? Should you come out of the closet?

No One Believes I'm a Lesbian
What do you do when you finally muster up the courage to come out as a lesbian and no one believes you?

Teen Girl Questioning My Sexuality
Am I bisexual? Does my friend like me? What are the signs? This 17 year old girl is questioning her sexuality.

Is being gay or lesbian a choice?
Is being gay or lesbian a choice? Do you choose to be gay or lesbian?

Can lesbians find men's bodies to be attractive?
If you find men to be attractive, can you still be a lesbian? Do lesbians find men attractive?

Am I a Lesbian or is it a Phase?
How do you know if you really are gay, lesbian or bisexual or if it is only a phase?

She Wants to Take it Slow, but I'm in Love with Her
When one of you wants to take it slow and the other insists she is in love and wants to move faster, how do you compromise? Here is some advice for a lesbian whose love interest wants to take things slower than her.

How Do I Come out to My Mother and My Friends?
A 12 year old bisexual girl wants some advice on how to come out to her mother and her friends. She is afraid if she comes out her mother and her friends will reject her.

Myths About Lesbians
There's a lot of misinformation and myths about lesbians. Here are some of the top myths about lesbians.

Top Lesbian Questions of 2006
You write in to me with all kinds of lesbian questions. Here are ten from 2006.

What is Internalized Homophobia?
What is internalized homophobia? Here's an explanation of internalized homophobia.

What Causes Homosexuality?
Are you gay or lesbian because you were born that way, or did something happen to make you gay? The debate about the causes of homosexuality are known as the "nature vs. nurture" debate. What causes homosexuality?

Confused Teen: Am I Bisexual?
I'm a teen and am confused. Am I a lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious or straight?

When You Are Confused About Attraction to a Friend
Many women are attracted to their friends. This can be confusing. What does it mean? Are you lesbian or bisexual? Is your friend? Does your friend return your affection? Or does she only show you love when you are drunk. What do you do when you are confused about attraction to a friend?

Here is the definition of a stem lesbian.

What is Coming Out?
What does it mean to come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans.

How Do I Know if I'm a Lesbian
Wondering about your sexual orientation. These questions and answers might help you figure out if you are lesbian or bisexual.

Am I a Lesbian?
At some point every lesbian asks herself the questions: Am I a Lesbian? How do you know if you are a lesbian or not? What if it is just a phase or a one-time attraction to another woman?

Can People Tell I'm Lesbian or Bisexual?
Can other gay and lesbian people tell if your are gay, lesbian or bisexual? Is gaydar for real?

Coming Out to Your Parents
Here's some advice on how to tell, when to come out and what to expect when coming out to your parents.

Coming Out at Work
For gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people, coming out at work can be a tough decision. Should you do it?

For Parents: Coming Out to Your Children
Here's some things to consider before coming out to your children as gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Coming Out Advice: Do I Sleep wit a Woman to Prove I'm a Lesbian?
If you're unsure of your sexual orientation and have never slept with another woman, how do you know for sure if you're a lesbian or bisexual? Here is some coming out advice for a woman who wants to have meaningless sex to prove she is a lesbian.

Am I Gay or Not?
I like a girl. Does that mean I am gay or a lesbian? One woman struggles with this age-old question. Am I gay?

Help! I'm in Love with my Professor!
A divorced woman has a crush on her female professor. What does this mean? Is she a lesbian or bisexual?

Lesbian Life Glossary
Here's some words and terms you'll need to know about the lesbian community.

Girl Crush
What's a girl crush?

Gold Star Lesbain
What is a Gold Star Lesbian?

What is gaydar?

What is Gaydar?
What is gaydar?

Teen Lesbian Wants Girlfriend to Come Out to Parents
A teen is concerned that her girlfriend hasn't come out to her parents.

Thinking About Being Bisexual
A teen is thinking about being bisexual or lesbian. What is she?

Sexual Orientation versus Sexual Arousal or Desire
Sexual orientation, desire and arousal are related, but they are not the same thing?

Am I a Drag King, Transgender or What?
What is the difference between being a butch lesbian and transgender? Lesbian Life helps this teen sort out the issue of gender identity.

Can Lesbians Have Crushes on Male Celebrities?
Can you still be a lesbian if you're attracted to male celebrities?

How to talk to a child who has a gay aunt or uncle
Advice for coming out to children. How to come out to your nieces or nephews or how to tell kids that their aunt is a lesbian or their uncle is gay.

Coming out on Social Media – like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
Should you come out on Facebook? Why would someone come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans on Facebook or other social media? How to come out via social media.

Lesbian wit Crush on Gay Male Friend
Can she really be a lesbian if she has a crush on a gay male friend?

How do Femme Lesbians Make Themselves Known?
How does a lesbian who is feminine make herself known to other lesbians? Here are some tips for femme lesbians on outing yourself to other lesbians and butches.

Femme Visibility: Femmes How Do You Make Yourself Visible?
How can you tell if a feminine woman is a lesbian? Femmes, how do you let it be known you're a lesbian?

Terrified to Come Out to Her Best Friend
She's terrified to come out to her best friend that she is a lesbian. How can she get over the fear of coming out to her best friend?

Confused and Questioning Sexual Orientation
Why is this young woman questioning her sexual orientation? She has a thought in her head that she's a lesbian, but is she really?

How to Tell if She is a Lesbian
Is she a lesbian? How can you tell?

Is it Wrong to Keep Lesbianism from Mom?
Is there something wrong with not coming out to your parents when you're 25 and living an openly lesbian life? How do you come out to your Mom when she won't accept it?

I Don't like Things inside Me
A newly out lesbian is concerned that she doesn't like penetration and wonders if that makes her weird.

Confused about Sexuality
She's only been with men before, but wonders about her attractions to women. Could she be a lesbian? This young woman is confused about her sexuality.

Coming Out and Need Advice
A single mom is attracted to a younger woman and wonders how to come out as lesbian.

Married to a Man for 23 Years and Now I think I’m a Lesbian
She was married to a man for 23 years and now she thinks she's a lesbian. What should she do? Her marriage is hanging on by a thread.

Is she Straight, Bisexual or Lesbian
A young woman has been struggling for years to figure out if she is lesbian, bisexual or straight.

Eight Signs You Might Be a Lesbian
If you're not sure if you're a lesbian or not, here are eight signs you might be a lesbian.

Married but Attracted to a Lesbian
She's married to a man, but attracted to a lesbian. What should she do?

Why Come Out as LGBT?
Why Come Out? What are some reasons it is good to come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans?

Dealing with an Unsupportive Father
Dealing with an Unsupportive Father and How to Get your father to accept that you're lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.

A Lesbian At the Tennis Club
A lesbian at the tennis club wants to know what she can do to get the other girls to like her.

Unsure Alice- Stressed About Not Knowing her Sexual Orientation
Alice is a teacher who is unsure of her sexual orientation and afraid for her career. It's stressing her out. What can she do?

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