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A Georgia Lesbian Comes Out

Kaleena's Story


It took me a long time to finally fully realize and come to terms with my sexuality. At age 22, I finally stated, "I am a lesbian." At first, I only said it to people online, in chatrooms and stuff like that. After a few days of talking to strangers about it, I started telling friends. One helpful friend was like, "I only know one lesbian, but I can introduce you!"

Amazingly enough, we totally bonded. We were both close to the same age, very similar, and were also looking for the same thing. Soon after, we became a couple. I knew I had to tell my family. I was an adult, living alone, but I didn't want to sneak around and lie if they saw her car at my house or anything.

My mother lives next door, and we've always written letters back at forth, even when I lived at home. It was our way of communicating deep feelings without having to deal with the yelling and crying that we're both prone to do. We learned it worked the best for us.

Coming Out to Mom in a Letter

Following that, I decided to write her a letter. I expressed my sexuality, my feelings, and even told her about my girlfriend. I stuck it in with the morning paper in her box, before she awoke. I knew she always read the paper in the mornings.

I went to her house later that day, like I always do, and she acted like nothing happened. I was thinking, "Okay, maybe she lost the letter or hasn't read it yet." But later, she said, "I got your letter, and it makes no difference to me. I'm just glad you love me enough to tell me. Thank you for it." and that was that.

She even asked about my girlfriend, and jokingly asked if being with a woman was better, like she'd heard it was. I was a bit shocked, but I laughed and told her the truth. Maybe she'll experiment herself!

I was literally petrified of telling her, but I'm so glad I did. She's the only person that really matters to me, and now that I know she accepts it, I can tell anyone and everyone and be totally proud of it.

From Kaleena W. - Hawkinsville, Georgia

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