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Krysta Comes Out as Lesbian after Being Married

Life Gets Better for Krysta After Coming Out


I knew ever since I was young that I was attracted to women, but I knew growing up in a Christian family that it would be a very difficult thing for me to be open about, so I chose to keep it to myself. I dated quite a few boys growing up but always knew I was missing something. I had a very difficult time staying faithful (horrible and I do not think cheating is ok) because I just always felt a hole in my chest that I was constantly trying to fill.

When I met my husband in college we became fast friends because we had so much in common. One day he decided he would ask me out and because we had so much fun together. I just accepted the fact that this is good as it gets and accepted him as my boyfriend. After a year of dating he proposed to me in front of my entire family who loved him and I of course accepted because I did love him, and thought that I could be with him forever. After a very long engagement we were finally married and moved in together.

I knew within the first year of marriage when my head started spinning thinking of other women that it most likely wasn't going to work, but he was my best friend so I decided to try to make it something anyway. Late into the second year of my marriage, at 26, I met a girl named Jen. She was a smart, sweet, funny; sexy little tomboy and I fell hard fast. She had been openly out for almost 15 years so as soon as we started hanging out rumors started spreading even though we were just friends at the time, and it really made me have to evaluate my situation before the beans were spilled for me.

After about six months I knew we couldn't be together until I straightened out my life and came out to my friends, family and most importantly my husband. I slowly starting telling my friends and they were all very supportive. I then told my Dad who is the greatest guy ever (and also has a gay brother so understood) and he helped me decide what to say. I put it off and put it off scared to death of the consequences until one day I had a breakdown and just blurted it out in tears to my mother. She wasn't very pleased that I waited until I was married to come out but was supportive of me nonetheless.

My husband happened to be looking for me at my mothers house that day and overheard me talking to my mom and I was forced to confront it head on. I was very lucky in this situation and he was very sad but very supportive at the same time. We have had a very amicable divorce and still remain VERY close friends.

I have now been seeing Jen for a year now and have never been happier, healthier, or more in love in my entire life. It is a scary thing, the unknown, but you have to make yourself happy and people who love you will be there for you in the end. I wish all of you in the same situation as I was in the best of luck and happiness! It gets better I promise!

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