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Rose Comes Out - Falls in Love with Cindy

Teen Lesbian Coming Out Story


Over three weeks ago, Cindy came to visit me this summer, instead of me visiting her. I was excited - she would finally get to see my town, the way I live, the things that make me, me. We had previously talked about kissing, and joked about making out before, but I was excited because, I just knew that a kiss from her, would be heavenly bliss - something without the awkwardness of 'experimenting' with girls that I had tried before. My mom, her boyfriend, and I went to pick Cindy up on a Saturday. During the long ride home, I contemplated when the best time would be to kiss her - nothing felt right. I felt so nervous! I have known her for four years, I thought to myself, “Why am I so nervous?” Because, this changes everything...because it will be the best first kiss of my life...

Our First Kiss

That evening, on my bed, Cindy and I laid next to each other, deep in discussion, giddy at being so close once again. I held her hand - it was soft and warm, like it had always been, but now we both know how we felt for each other. I puckered my lips, and Cindy leaned forward and kissed me, soft as a feather. Heavenly bliss!!

As the days went by, Cindy and I progressed with our physicality. This puzzled me, because it took Martin months to get to where Cindy was - but of course! It was because we were so comfortable. It felt so right, so amazing, so beautiful, something so special and new, unlike anything I had experienced before.

During the days, Cindy and I would cook food for each other, and spend time together listening to our favorite music. We would kiss each other as we walked by, or hold hands while we sat next to each other. Her skin was so warm, her caress so soft! In the evenings, we would sit out on my apartment deck and cuddle up close, and watch the summer stars. Sometimes, we would lay out a pad and blanket and sleep on the deck, and kiss beneath the starlight. We would get so heated, I would feel my body opening up to her touch, craving to be with her in this way. Mind and body - combined.

One evening, after a session of two-AM kissing beneath a blanket, I brought Cindy into our main living room area, laid out a blanket on the floor, and asked Cindy to lay down next to me. We cuddled up, and kissed some more, the moonlight shining from the screen-door. The breeze from outside travelled pleasantly in. I rolled on top of Cindy and began to kiss her hungrily, she returned my kisses enthusiastically. We slowly removed our clothing, … Oh, the joy, the taste, the beauty of women! She moaned as I pleasured her - a new experience, a rejoicing of human bodies and spirits together. Not bad for my first time!

I crawled up next to her and we cuddled up next to each other, naked. I loved every second, the taste of her, the beauty and sensuality of her skin - she exuded sexy, and I knew that this was my purpose.

She left back home a few weeks ago, and we still chat online, but the more research I do about lesbians and sex, makes me further realize that, although I do love men (and there are a few I'd like a roll in the hay with) I am really a lesbian, one who is so proud of who she is. I think I am even more proud than Cindy, even though she's known for longer! I love her.

I have told almost everyone in my family, except my grandmother and father, who I don't think would appreciate it if I told them. I know now that I am true to myself, and I love myself more fully for knowing, and experiencing what I love most - women!

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