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Mom of a Bi Girl Tells her Story

My Daughter Came Out to Me


The story that I am about to tell you is not about me, it’s about my 14 year old baby girl. Let me start with the fact that I have all way’s had friends around that were lesbians, and my girl knows that I have had girl friends before.

Now to how she told me: Her friend and her were talking to me about some of the kids at school as we were getting ready to go meet the rest of our family for an outing. She told me of her friend that was pregnant, and then started talking about some of her friends that were lesbians and bi. As we were leaving the house after all the other kids had walked out of the house my daughter look at me and said, "Mom I’m Bi." I told her I didn’t care, I loved her and she turned and walked out the door. I just pray that some day it would be this easy for every teen that comes out. That’s my story thank you for your time.
Georgie, Proud Mom of a Bi-teen

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