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Artificial Insemination: Lesbian Pregnancy

Pros and Cons of Artificial Insemination


Insemination is when sperm is inserted into a woman's uterus to attempt to create a pregnancy. Artificial insemination is a popular way for lesbians to get pregnant. A woman can use sperm from a known donor or from a sperm bank.

Pros and Cons of Using Sperm Bank

Pros of a Sperm Bank

  • Sperm banks require donors to waive any parental rights. There is no danger the donor can seek custody or visitation of your child.
  • Some sperm banks permit the child to access the donor once the child becomes an adult.
  • Sperm banks test semen for diseases and collect health and genetic information from donors.

    Cons of a Sperm Bank

  • Sperm banks can be expensive and most insurance plans do not cover the cost.
  • Although you can choose certain characteristics of the donor, you will never meet him, so you can't know his personality.
  • Sperm banks freeze semen. Frozen semen is not as vigorous as fresh sperm and it may take longer to get pregnant.

    Known Sperm Donor

    Some women choose to get pregnant using a known donor. This can be a close friend or sometimes a relative of their partner. There are pros and cons to using a known donor.

    Pros of using a known Donor

  • You know who he is: his health, family history, physical and mental health, characteristics and personality.
  • He might be open to being involved in the child's life.
  • You don't have to pay for the sperm, although you may have to pay a doctor to inseminate you.

    Cons of using a known Donor

  • The biggest con of using a known donor is that he may sue for visitation or custody of the child.
  • There is a risk of HIV, AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • If the donor chooses to stay involved in the child's life, issues around parenting can come up.

    If you are a lesbian thinking of becoming pregnant via artificial insemination, it is wise to seek out the advice of an attorney.

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