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Buddy G: My Two Moms and Me

Buddy G: My Two Moms and Me

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Buddy G

Buddy G

  • 2007
  • English Language
  • 12 minutes
  • Us2 LLC

A Welcome Addition

As a lesbian mom, I struggle with how few resources there are depicting alternative families, families like mine. I welcome and celebrate new additions to our library. One such addition I look forward to sharing with my son is Buddy G: My Two Moms and Me.

The Premise

Inspired by their son Grayson’s birth and driven by the need to see their own family’s reflection, Donna Colley and Margaux Towne-Colley developed Buddy G, a cartoon DVD. Their hope was to address this dearth of inclusive children’s programming and to create fun, adventurous stories of a young boy who navigates the world with his adoring moms, his trusty computer Socrates, and his best friend Owen.

Praise and Critique

In “Lost Rings,” the premiere episode, Buddy G learns the importance of honesty and responsibility, and in the process gains some interesting facts about languages as well as the science of metal detectors. I really enjoyed the characters yet I longed to know more about them. I wish there had been a more formal introduction or that greater background information had been provided.

Also, in my honest opinion, too many children’s stories focus on “strife”, on a child’s mistake and his or her need to correct it. Perhaps, more positive journeys to understanding might be portrayed.

Lastly, I have a hard time when gay families describe themselves as “normal.” “We’re just a normal family.” I noted this description in the theme song as well as in the DVD copy. Why the need to justify or qualify? I hope that with broader exposure and inclusion this need will cease.

Mary's Rating

My Rating: 3 stars. This is a fantastic start and I deeply admire the endeavor. I welcome future episodes and watching the series grow.
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