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Jamie Babbit & Andrea Sperling

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Jamie Babbit and Andrea Sperling

Jamie Babbit and Andrea Sperling

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Who is Jamie Babbit?

Jamie Babbit is a television and film director whose films include: Itty Bitty Titty Committee and But I'm a Cheerleader. She has also directed numerous television shows including episodes of The L Word, Gilmore Girls, Nip/Tuck and Ugly Betty. Jamie is also on the board of the POWER UP, an organization to promote the visibility of lesbians in Hollywood.

Who is Andrea Sperling?

Andrea Sperling is a film producer whose credits include: Itty Bitty Titty Committee, D.E.B.S. and The Quiet.

Where did they meet?

Jamie Babbit and Andrea Sperling met at Sundance in 1994. Jamie was working registration and she caught Andrea's eye. They kept running into each other at different films and events over the course of the festival. "We had a little vibage going on all weekend," Andrea said.

Marriage and Children?

Jamie Babbit and Andrea Sperling have two children.

Andrea and Jamie Quotes

Jamie Babbit and Andrea Sperling have worked together on numerous films and projects. On working together as a couple Andrea says, "The first film was the hardest." (Sleeping Beauties in 1996.) "Jamie financed the whole thing out of her pocket. We got into a lot of fights." She admits that since then, especially since they're not working with their own money anymore, they get along much better at work.

"It’s good, because we have a lot more of our lives to share with each other," Andrea says.

"Where we’ve been the most political in the movies we make," Andrea says. "We’re dedicated to making lesbian films. I don’t know any other couples that are doing that."

On being parents when she and Andrea are working on the same film Jamie said, "It’s really hard. We rely on a lot of friends and a lot of help. But we’re both working moms. The nice thing about working in TV and making movies is I work all the time and then I don’t work at all. So I get like three or four months off a year, but I work really hard when I’m working."

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