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Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono

Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono

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Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono sent a message to their fans that they split up in 2013.

Who is Jill Bennett?

Jill Bennett is an actress known for her many roles in LGBT themed cinema, televison and content produced for the Internet. She has starred in over eight gay themed movies and series, including "Dante's Cove", "In Her Line of Fire", "3Way", "We Have To Stop Now" and "And Then Came Lola." She is also an LGBT activist and political blogger, having created three popular online blogs - "We're Getting Nowhere", The Violet Underground, and most recently, 'The Gloves Are Off'.

Who is Cathy DeBuono?

Cathy DeBuono is an ex-Olympic level volleyball player turned actress best known for her roles in such LGBT features as "Out at the Wedding", "And Then Came Lola" and the series "We Have To Stop Now." She took a detour from the biz when she earned her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. Passionate about empowering the LGBT community Cathy created the popular video blog "What's Your Problem?" that has reached and helped thousands of women around the world, as well as "The Gloves are Off" with her partner Jill.

How did they meet?

Cathy and Jill originally met briefly on the set of the hit movie "Out at The Wedding", but didn't start dating until the late spring 2008, after completing the film "And Then Came Lola" earlier in the year.

Lesbian activists

Both women are passionate activists for LGBT equality, having created content specifically for the lesbian community, and as guest speakers at numerous rallies and events promoting Marriage Equality.

Partners in love and business

The pair star, produced and directed the hit online series "We Have To Stop Now" which chronicles the trials of a power lesbian therapist couple struggling to keep their marriage alive.

Love quotes

Cathy: I fell in love with her sense of self, her sense of humor and her straight forwardness. It wasn’t until after I got bit by those bugs, so to speak, that I began to get drawn to her physical beauty, which of course is obvious! But I didn't care until after we started making each other laugh on a daily basis.

Jill: I fell in love with her humanity. Her unapologetic "this is me" view of the world. She's no bullshit, about herself, her values, or her life.

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