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Lisa Cholodenko and Wendy Melvoin

Lisa Cholodenko and Wendy Melvoin

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Who is Lisa Cholodenko?

Lisa Cholodenko is a American filmmaker who's credits include The Kids are All Right, Laurel Canyon and High Art.

Who is Wendy Melvoin?

Wendy Melvoin is a guitarist and singer who was played with Prince as part of his band The Revolution. She later became famous as part of the duo Wendy & Lisa. Prior to Lisa Cholodenko, Wendy was in a relationship with her band partner Lisa Coleman. Wendy Melvoin now writes musical scores for TV shows such as Showtime's Nurse Jackie.

Marriage and Children

Lisa Cholodenko and Wendy Melvoin have been together eight years and have a five year old son named Calder. Lisa and Wendy were each trying to get pregnant at the same time and Lisa became pregnant first.

About Lisa Cholodenko and Wendy Melvoin

Lisa Cholodenko said the idea for the film The Kids are All Right came when she was looking through files of potential sperm donors for their son. In an interview with Filmmaker magazine she said, "...picking the person, going into those files [at a sperm bank], that’s very intense, very weird. Like, I’m picking the father of my child! For me, as a writer, it became a totally mind-boggling, absorbing, frightening, freaky, sci-fi venture, and so I think I took a lot of time with that and then translating it into fiction. It just took a while to process."

With two high power Hollywood moms, making time for their child can be hard. In an interview with The Advocate, Lisa Cholodenko said, "It’s brutal. We both have these kinds of jobs that you can’t just cut bait and go home. So we have a nanny and there’s a lot of ‘Who’s going to be with the kid? You can’t get off early?'"

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