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Lisa Thrasher and Stacy Codikow

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Lisa Thrasher and Stacy Codikow

Lisa Thrasher and Stacy Codikow

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Who is Stacy Codikow?

Stacy Codikow is Founder & Executive Director of POWER UP, an organization whose mission is to promote the visibility and integration of gay women in entertainment, the arts, and all forms of media. Stacy is also a feature film producer whose credits include Under the Hula Moon and Fatal Instinct.

Who is Lisa Thrasher?

Lisa Thrasher is a movie producer whose credits include Promtroversy and Itty Bitty Titty Committee. She is President of Film Production & Distribution of POWER UP.

Where did they meet?

Stacy and Lisa met at a POWER UP pool party. Stacy's chiropractor had been trying to set them up for a while. Stacy said, "I’m sitting at the pool party and I see this girl walk across the pool party in what I thought was a three-piece black suit in 100 degree weather. I remember thinking to myself, 'Who the hell would wear a black three piece suit to a pool party? This girl must be dying.' I just thought, she was insane."
Lisa spotted Stacy and she was wearing pajama bottoms. Lisa thought to herself, "Who the hell would wear pajamas to a pool party?" So much for first impressions. The next time they met, again at a POWER UP event, the two realized they had been running in the same circles for years and had a lot of friends in common. The rest is history.

Quotes and Tidbits about Lisa Thrasher and Stacy Codikow

  • Almost all of POWER UP's films have been official selections at Sundance.
  • Although she lived and worked in Hollywood, Stacy, who founded POWER UP IN 2000 said, "In my professional life until I started POWER UP, I really didn’t know any gay people except for my girlfriend."
  • Lisa says, "I think our social life has really melded with our business life."
  • Stacy says, "We’ve never thought of ourselves as a power couple. We think of the work as making a difference."
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