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Top 9 Hottest Lesbian Couples of 2006


Each of these lesbians is pretty hot in her own right, but when partnered up with her one and only true love, they sizzle! Here are my picks for the hottest lesbians couples of 2006.

1. Melissa Etheridge & Tammy Lynn Michaels

Tammy and Melissa Etheridge
You just can't get hotter than these two. Melissa continues to rock on despite her battle and victory over cancer. Tammy gave birth to twins Miller Steven and Johnnie Rose this October and their love and commitment continue to inspire us.

Last year Melissa & Tammy were neck in neck for Hottest Lesbian of 2005. This year there's no competition between them, only love.

2. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

Ellen is everywhere these days! Hosting her talk show, on American Express commercials and hosting the Oscars this year. And Portia is always right beside her. Portia de Rossi is one steamy actress herself and together Ellen & Portia make for one hot lesbian couple.

3. Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon

This couple has been together 56 years. Wow! And all along they're been working for the rights of other lesbians. Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon started the first lesbian organization in the US, Daughters of Bilitis and wrote Lesbian/Woman in 1972. In 2004 they were the first couple to be married in San Francisco, during the brief moment of gay marriage. Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon are certainly role models for any lesbian relationship and one HOT lesbian couple.

4. Kristanna Loken & Michelle Rodriguez

Kristanna Loken, star of Terminator 3 and BloodRayne came out in Curve magazine this year and then revealed in The Advocate she's in a relationship with Michelle Rodriguez, star of Girlfight. These two hot actresses are #4 on our list of hottest lesbians of 2006.

5. Sandy Sachs & Robin Gans

If you’ve danced in Los Angeles, chances are Sandy Sachs and Robin Gans somehow had their hand in it. For 15 years Robin and Sandy have promoted Girlbar, the chicest weekly lesbian dance party in the country. Robin said of Sandy, “She is the only woman I’ve ever met in my whole life that when I met her, I was absolutely head over heels for her. She took my breath away. She was beautiful. Still is.” Robin & Sandy also put on a big party at Dinah Shore. This hot lesbian couple keeps us out and partying.

6. Jackie Warner & Mimi

Did you watch Work Out on Bravo this Spring, starring Jackie Warner? Yikes, she is HOT! And although her relationship with partner Mimi may have seemed tumultuous on TV, the personal trainer says in reality the two have a great connection that is sweet and loving.

7. Sheryl Swoopes & Alisa "Scottie" Scott

We love Sheryl Swoopes and her relationship with Alisa Scott. Sheryl Swoopes, WNBA's most valuable player, came out last year as a lesbian. She is one the most prominent lesbian athletes and African American's to come out ever! And she's in love with Alisa Scott a former member of the coaching staff of the Houston Comets. Sheryl and Alisa have made appearances at many public events, including Olivia cruises and the NCAA women's Final Four party.

8. Daniela Sea & Bitch

Bitch is a lesbian-feminist rocker who met spied lesbian actress Daniela Sea at a gay pride celebration and was immediately smitten. The two quickly became an item and now each of their careers is taking off. Daniela and Bitch both appear in Shortbus. Daniela plays Max on The L Word and Bitch tours the country promoting her latest album Make This/Break This.

9. Lily Tomlin & Jane Wagner

For 35 years Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner have collaborated as writing partners and life partners. Broadway, TV and movie star Lily Tomlin never officially "came out" as a lesbian, and was understandably guarded about her lesbianism in the 1970s. But now she is now frank and open about her long term relationship with Jane Wagner. "Frankly, I was pretty taken with her as soon as I saw her. We just sort of clicked. We became a couple right away," Tomlin said.
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