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Top 10 Hottest Lesbians


This was a year of Lesbians. Lesbians coming out, lesbians starring in television shows, and lesbians dealing with life-altering situations, . We've got lesbian sports heroes, lesbian musicians, lesbian actors and lesbian celebrities of all kinds. Here are my top picks for the hottest lesbians of this year.

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1. Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge has always been our hero. This year our hearts went out to her as she struggled with recovering from breast cancer. Like the warrior she is, Melissa handled her battle with strength and grace. Right after completing chemo, she blew America's mind with her bald-headed performance at this year's Grammys. She continues to live her life out and proud and make some of the best rock-n-roll music ever recorded. Those are just some of the reasons why Melissa is #1!

2. Tammy Lynn Michaels

Back in January, Tammy Lynn Michaels had the world at her feet. She was starring in a new sit-com on NBC and she has just married the woman of her dreams, Melissa Etheridge. Then the show, Committed was cancelled and her partner was diagnosed with cancer. Did Tammy crumble? No, she stood strong and supported Melissa and their family every step of the way with compassion and humor.

3. Sheryl Swoopes

Sheryl Swoopes is the most prominent athlete and African American to come out of the closet. She's an all-star and MVP in the WNBA, an Olympic gold medalist and has been a role model for male and female athletes alike. We're so proud to learn she's playing for "our team."

4. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres still rocks our world. She's been out and proud since 1997 and her talk show, in its third year, is still getting rave reviews and attracting the top talent in Hollywood as show guests. Not only that, Ellen is also an activist, using her fame to raise money for causes like breast cancer research and the victims of hurricane Katrina.

5. Cris Williamson

Cris Williamson is celebrating the 30th anniversary of her ground-breaking Changer and the Changed album. She continues to tour and make amazing music and offer meaningful insight into the lesbian community.

6. Leisha Hailey

Leisha Hailey is the only out lesbian on our favorite lesbian TV show, The L Word. As The L Word enters it's third season, Leisha as Alice brightens our day with her witty commentary on lesbian life and her sexy love scenes with Dana.

7. Amelie Mauresmo

Amelie Mauresmo is the second athlete on our hottest lesbians of 2005 list. Although 2004 was the year Amelie Mauresmo was ranked #1, in 2005 she continued with a very successful career in the Women's Professional Tennis circuit.

8. Amy Ray

In 2005 Amy Ray, of Indigo Girls fame, released her second solo album, Prom. She toured smaller venues than the usual Indigo Girl gig, which allowed us to see her up close and personal. Plus, we got to talk politics and music with one of the greatest lesbian musicians of all time.

9. Portia de Rossi

We love Portia de Rossi, not just because she too loves Ellen, but because she continues to amaze us with her quirky role on Arrested Development.

10. Melissa Ferrick

Melissa Ferrick rounds out our hottest lesbians of 2005 list. We love Melissa Ferrick because she puts on one of the best live shows and because she tours non-stop, giving us plenty of opportunities to witness her guitar prowess in person. But we also love Melissa because she has the guts to be honest with us. She doesn't sugar coat her struggles with her demons, and that makes us respect her even more.
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