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Gay Marriage and Same Sex Marriage Information

Gay marriage is one of the hot issues of our generation. This is where you'll find up-to-date information about gay marriage, domestic partnerships and civil unions.

Same-Sex Marriage - What Countries Allow Gay Marriage?
These countries allow same sex couples to marry. Gay marriage is legal in these countries.

Where can Same Sex Couples get Married?
Where in the World can gays and lesbians get married?

Can You get Married in Your State?
Do you ever wonder if your state is one of the one's banning same-sex marriage? About Marriage Guides tell you which states have laws against gay marriage and how to go about obtaining a marriage license in each state.

Where is Gay Marriage Legal in the United States?
Where can gays and lesbians get married in the United States? Which states recognize gay marriages performed elsewhere?

Where Can I Marry Without Having to be a Resident?
Where can you marry your same-sex partner and not be a resident? Where can couples have a gay marriage, even if they don't live in that state?

Where Can Gays Marry With No Residency Requirements?
Where Can Gays Marry With No Residency Requirements?

Iowa Gay-Friendly Wedding Locations
The citizens of California have voted to take marriage rights away from same-sex couples; meanwhile, gay and lesbian couples in Iowa are happily tying the knot. Who saw that one coming? Though the Hawkeye State is actually more liberal than many of its Midwestern neighbors (and more so than coastal city dwellers usually give it credit for), it...

Information About Gay Marriage in Washington, DC
How does the new gay marriage ruling in Washington, DC work? What rights come with recognition of gay marriage in Washington, DC?

Get Married in Connecticut
Same sex marriage is now legal in Connecticut. So, how do gays and lesbians go about marrying in Connecticut?

New York State to Recognize Gay Marriage - NY Recognizes Same-Sex Marriage
New York state will recognize gay marriages performed in places where it is legal. This article tells you all you need to know about gay marriage in New York State.

Six Things You Should Know About Marriage in New York
Here are six things you should know about marriage in New York State.

New York State and Gay Marriage
Will New York be the next state to allow gay marriage? The newly elected governor supports gay marriage and a recent court hearing ruled that gay marriages performed in Massachusetts are valid.

Photos of California Gay Marriage June 2008
Pictures of gay marriage on the first day of legal same-sex marriage in Calfornia.

Perry v. Schwarzenegger
What is Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the trial challenging California's Prop 8 against gay marriage?

What's in a Name - Marriage or Civil Union - Why Do the Words Matter?
Why not use a different word than marriage if that is what people seem to be most upset about?

Will My Canada Gay Marriage be Recognized in California?
With California's new gay marriage ruling, there are lots of questions about where and when these marriages will be recognized. Will marriages performed in Massachusetts be recognized in California?

Frequently Asked Questions About Gay Marriage in California
Now that gay marriage is legal in California, you probably have a lot of questions about what that means. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about gay marriage in California.

What's the Difference Between Marriage in California and Domestic Partnership?
Gay marriage is now legal is California. Domestic Partnerships are also available to gay and lesbian couples. What is the difference between them and which is the right option for you?

Mildred Loving of Loving vs. Virginia Speaks out about Marriage Equality
Mildred Loving of Loving vs. Virginia spoke out on the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision to legalize interracial marriage. She draws the connection between the ban on gay marriage and the ban on interracial marriage.

What Rights Come with an Oregon Domestic Partnership?
Beginning January 1, 2008 Oregon will allow gay and lesbian couples to enter into domestic partnerships, a marriage-like relationship. What rights come with domestic partnerships and what rights do not?

Get a Vermont Civil Union
If you want a same-sex marriage or civil union in Vermont, here's how you can get a Vermont civil union.

In Defense of Marriage--But Not Mine
Jessica was married to her partner in Canada. But the United States government doesn't recognize their relationship. When her partner died, Jessica realized how little rights she had.

Gay Marriage Resources
Looking for information about gay marriage and same-sex marriage? This is the place to start. Arguments for and against gay marriage, a list of places where gay marriage is legal and the difference between civil unions and gay marriage.

The difference between Gay/Lesbian Marriage and Civil Unions
Why do gays and lesbians insist on marriage? Don't Civil Unions afford the same rights and benefits as marriage? This article explains the difference between marriage and civil unions.

What are the legal rights of marriage?
Marriage has many privileges and responsibilities. By denying gays and lesbians the right to marry, the government is denying them more than 1400 legal rights that married couples in the United States have access to. What are the legal rights and benefits of marriage?

Defense of Marriage Act
The Federal Defense of Marriage Act defines how marriage is legally recognized by the United States Federal Government.

If I live in another state, can I get married in Massachusetts?
Can gays and lesbians from out of state get married in Massachusetts? Who can marry in Massachusetts? Will a Massachusetts marriage be recognized in my state?

Marriage: Both sides of the issue
Learn about both sides of the fight to legalize same sex marriage.

Connecticut Civil Unions
Connecticut is the second state in the United States to allow same-sex civil unions. What is a civil union? What rights and responsibilities come with a civil union? What is the difference between marriage in Connecticut and civil unions?

Domestic Partnership Ruling: Both Sides of the Issue
Read about both sides of the issue of the passage of California's Domestic Partners Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2003.

Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment
President Bush has come out in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. What exactly is the wording of the proposed amendment?

The Legal Validity of Same-Sex Marriage
How likely are same-sex marriages to remain valid? Attorney Cynthia L. Barrett tackles this important question.

Same Sex Marriage
The Pope and the President are against it. Here's what I think.

Lesbians Legally Marry in San Francisco
Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, long time lovers and activists were wed in the first legally sanctioned same-sex marriage in the United States.

Gay Weddings Performed in Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon joined the battle for same-sex marriages by granting gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. Check out this article with photos of the historic day.

How to Amend the United States Constitution
President Bush is supporting an amendment to the US Constitution banning same-sex marriage. What is the process for amending the Constitution?

Get a Nevada Domestic Partnership
Nevada offers domestic partnerships for both same-sex and opposite sex couples. Here is how to get a domestic partnership in Nevada.

Same-Sex Marriage and the Rights of Children
If you are planning on getting married and have, or plan to have children, you'll want to read this article from an attorney about the rights of children and gay and lesbian marriage.

Marriage Protection Week: Protect Your Rights
Take action and make your voice heard about Marriage Protection Week.

Get an Oregon Domestic Partnership
Oregon will allow domestic partnerships in January 2008. Here's how to get an Oregon domestic partnership.

Rainbow Grannies
Carrie and Elisia Ross-Stone, the Rainbow Grannies, rode their bicycles across the United States in 2003 and 2004 to raise awareness about gay and lesbian marriages and marriage equality.

Oregon Gay Marriages: One Year Later
On March 3rd, 2004 Multnomah County Oregon began issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. Here's an update: one year later.

What's the Difference Between Domestic Partnership and Civil Union?
What's the Difference Between Domestic Partnership and Civil Union? Does a civil union have more rights than a domestic partnership? Where can I get a civil union or domestic partnership

I want to Marry my Girlfriend
My girlfriend and I want to get legally married and have it recognized in our hometown. Where can we do that?

Canadian Pastor Performs Gay Weddings
Rev. Martha Daniels pastor of MCC Windsor wrote in to say how much she enjoys performing gay weddings in Canada.

Gay Marriage Pennsylvania
Where can gays and lesbians get married and have it be legal in Pennsylvania.

Gay Marriage In Maryland: Is Maryland next for Gay Marriage?
Will Maryland be the next place where gay marriage is legal? Find out why a court ruling may make Maryland the next place where gay marriage is legal and hear from one of the lesbians suing the state for the right to marry her lesbian partner.

South Africa Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage
South Africa is the latest country to legalize gay marriage.

Gay Marriage: What's Next?
Massachusetts has declared marriage is a right for same-sex couples. Does this mean the battle is over?

Can I marry in Canada and have my gay marriage recognized in the United States?
Where can gays and lesbians get married and have it legal in their home state? Can gays and lesbians get married in Canada and still have it be legal in the United States?

If I marry In Massachusetts, can my partner from another country immigrate?
If a resident from a state that allows gay marriage marries a same-sex partner, is the spouse eligible for immigration into the US? What are the laws about immigration into the US for gay and lesbian couples?

Same-Sex Marriage Will Happen in the United States!
The Massachussets Supreme Judicial Court ruling paves the way for gay and lesbian marriages. Read why gay and lesbian marriages will happen in the United States this year.

Britney Spear's Marriage to Jason Alexander
Britney married her pal Jason Alexander and had the marriage annulled a few days later. Why is this good for the cause of gay and lesbian marriage?

Where Can Gays and Lesbians Get Civil Unions or Domestic Partnerhsips?
Where can gays and lesbians get civil unions in the U.S.? Which states allow gays and lesbians to have civil unions or marriage?

Massachusetts Gay Marriages: Statistics and Public Opinion 2005
One year after the historic court decision that granted gays and lesbians the right to marry in Massachusetts, just how many couples got married? How does the public feel about those marriages? What's next for gay marriage in Massachusetts?

What is the Respect for Marriage Act?
The Respect for Marriage Act repeals the Defense of Marriage Act.

Is Gay Marriage Legal in Washington State?
Washington passed a gay marriage bill that was signed by the Governor. Does that mean gay marriage is now legal in Washington State?

Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional
A May 2012 federal court ruling calls the Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional.

Washington Weddings: Ashley and Jessica
The First Couple in Line for a marriage license in Vancouver, Washington.

82 Year Old Woman Comes out to Support Same-Sex Marriage
Washington State approves same-sex marriage and this 82-year-old woman is totally supportive of it.

Women from Alaska Get Married in Washington
Shawn and Jocelyn traveled from Alaska to Vanvcouver, WA to get married. Here is their story.

Gay Marriage in Maine: The First Night

Gay Marriage Facts
Here are some facts about gay marriage in the United States and around the world.

Supreme Court and Gay Marriage: What’s at Stake?
The United States Supreme Court will rule in 2013 on two important gay rights decisions. The first involves California's Prop 8. The other involves the Defense of Marriage (DOMA) act. What's at stake?

What Do Married Lesbians Call Each Other?
What words do married lesbians call each other? Do lesbians like the word wife or do they not use that word? Lesbian Life explores the issue of the word "wife."

What do you think of the word "wife?"
Lesbians, what do you think of the word "wife?" Do you like it or does it make you cringe when you hear it? Why do you feel the way you do about the word "wife?"

Same Sex Marriage Legal in Massachusetts
In a landmark decision, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that marriage rights cannot be denied to gays and lesbians.

Massachusetts fails to Overturn Gay Marriage Ruling
It looks like the first same-sex marriages will take place in Massachusetts this May. A constitutional convention failed to come to an agreement on how to prevent gay marriage.

Freedom to Marry
The Freedom to Marry Coalition is working to legalize gay and lesbian marriage in the US. Join the fight.

What relationship rights do same-sex couples have in Illinois?
Same-sex marriage is not legal in Illinois, but civil unions are. What are civil unions and what rights come with them?

What is a Civil Union?
What is a civil union?

What is a Domestic Partnership?
What is a Domestic Partnership?

Federal Taxes for Married Same-Sex Couples
What gay and lesbian couples need to know about filing federal taxes.

Gay Marriage Recognized in Oregon

Arkansas Gay Marriage

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