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Where Can Gays Marry With No Residency Requirements?


Question: Where Can Gays Marry With No Residency Requirements?
Answer: In the United States, same-sex couples can marry in California, Massachusetts and now Connecticut. You do not have to prove residency in any of these states to marry there, but depending on where you live, the marriage may not be recognized in your home state.

You can also marry in Canada, even if you do not live there.

Gay and lesbian couples can also marry in South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

Several other countries and states in the U.S. allow same-sex couples to register as domestic partners with many of the same rights of marriage.

Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders warned gay and lesbian couples to consider the implication of their marriage in if they live out of state. In order to end the relationship, you have to find a state that will recognize it in order to dissolve it. In most states there is a residency requirement to dissolve a relationship (divorce.) For example, Massachusetts has a year requirement. Most other states have some type of a residency requirement.

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