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How To Get Married in Connecticut


Gay Marriage in Connecticut

Gay Marriage in Connecticut

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Now that same-sex marriage is legal in Connecticut, gay and lesbian couples can get married. Here's how to get married in Connecticut, how to obtain a marriage license and get your wedding solemnized.
Time Required: Up to 65 days

Here's How:

  1. Are you eligible?
    Requirements for marriage in Connecticut:
    • Must be 18 older or have parental permission
    • Not be married or in civil union with someone else
    • Not be closely related by blood or marriage
  2. Choose your location Get an Officiant
    In Connecticut a member of the clergy or justice of the peace can perform your ceremony.
  3. Get Your Documents in Order
    In order to get a Connecticut Marriage license you will need a photo id (driver's license or passport), your social security number, mother's maiden name, your parent's birthplaces, date and location of your wedding, contact info for wedding officiant.
  4. Fill out Application
    Both of you must go to a town hall and fill out a marriage application, but you do not need to go at the same time. You need to go to the town hall where either of your reside, or the place where you intend to have the ceremony.
  5. Pay the fee
    The fee for a license in Connecticut is approximately $30. Check with the town clerk for the exact amount.
  6. Waiting Period
    There is no waiting period to get married in Connecticut. You have 65 days from the day of your application to have a ceremony.
  7. Witnesses
    Connecticut does not require you to have witnesses to your ceremony, but some religions might.
  8. Ceremony
    Say your vows and kiss your bride!
  9. Recognition
    Your Connecticut marriage will be recognized in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, New Hampshire and Vermont. In New Jersey, Oregon and Washington it will be recognized as a civil union or domestic partnership. If your marriage took place prior to November 5, 2008 California will recognize it as a marriage. If it happened after November 5, 2008, it will be recognized as a domestic partnership.

What You Need

  • The marriage fee --approximately $30
  • Photo id
  • Parent's birthplaces
  • Mothers' maiden names
  • Date and location of your wedding
  • Name and Contact Info of wedding officiant
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