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Information About Gay Marriage in Washington, DC

How the New Gay Marriage Law Works in Washington, DC


As of 12:01 am July 7, 2009, same-sex couples legally married outside the United States or in a state where gay marriage is legal will have their marriages recognized by the city of Washington, DC. What does this mean and how does it work?

What do I have to do to have my marriage recognized?

Nothing. Just like straight couples who are married elsewhere and move to Washington, DC, your out-of-state gay marriage is automatically recognized by the DC government. If you are applying for benefits through your employer, you may have to show proof of marriage, such as your marriage certificate.

Where Can Gay And Lesbian Couples Get Legally Married?

In the United States same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa, New Hampshire and Vermont. Outside the US, gay marriage is legal in Canada, South Africa and a number of European countries.

What if we were married in California before Prop 8?

If you were married in California during the period when gay marriage was legal, before the referendum (Prop 8) was passed by voters, your marriage will be recognized in Washington, DC.

What rights will same-sex couples have in Washington, DC?

Gay and lesbian married couples will have all the city-wide rights married couples in Washington, DC have. These include rights to inheritance rights, spousal immunity from testifying against each other and employment benefits.

Source: Washington Post

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