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Washington Weddings: Ashley and Jessica


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Ashley & Jessica: The First in Line
The First Couple in Line for Marriage Licenses in Vancouver, Washington

Ashley and Jessica were the first couple in line for marriage licenses in Vancouver, Washington

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Ashley Cavner (21) and Jessica Lee (19) were the first in line to get their marriage licenses in Vancouver, WA on Dec. 6th 2012. The young couple, together a year, got in line at 9pm the night before and spent a long cold night for the opportunity to be the first to get their marriage license in Vancouver. (Actually the couple was #6, the first five couples were hand picked, including Paul Harris and James Griener, who have been together 39 years.)
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  6. On the first day of same-sex marriage licenses, Jessica and Ashley were the first in line in Vancouver, Washing. This is their story.

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