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Top 10 Lesbian/Bisexual Halloween Costumes Ideas


What will you be for Halloween this year? Want a costume idea that is fun and uniquely lesbian or bisexual? Here are some ideas for Halloween Costumes for lesbians and bisexual women.

1. Any Character from Orange is the New Black

© Peter Dazeley/Getty Images
The Netflix original show Orange is the New Black captivated me from the first episode. And then I had to watch another, and another and another....I can't stop thinking about it. That's why this year, I'm in search of an orange jumpsuit, some handcuffs, a tray of grey prison food for my Halloween costume. 

2. Drag King

Lesbian Drag King
© Kathy Belge
Drag kings are hot these days. Dress up as a male impersonator, complete with fake facial hair, side-burns and a Mr. Microphone to lip sync your swooning party guests.

3. Little Dutch Boy and the Dike

Pam Romano
This Halloween idea won my friend Pam and her friend Sara first prize at the Halloween party they attended. The costume itself will take some work. Pam made her dike out of cardboard, but you can experiment with different materials, like styrofoam or paper mache.

4. Bride and Bride/Groom and Groom

Lesbian Wedding Vows
© Rob Melnychuk/Getty Images
Make a political statement with your sweetie. Dress as two blushing brides and you'll not only have a ball at the Halloween party, you'll also be standing up for the rights of gays and lesbians to marry. And who knows, when the night is over, she may even propose to you.

5. Butch or Femme

Butch Lesbian
© Maggie Parker
Do you ride a Harley, wear big black boots and work construction for a living? Why not give all your friends a shock and show up in a skimpy dress, wig and make-up? Likewise, if you're the type never to be seen out of high heels, throw on some oily cover-alls, a little grease on your face and tool belt around your waist. Playing with gender can be fun!

6. Choose from our list of Famous Lesbians

Ellen DeGeneres Standing with an Emmy
© Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images

We know you're Ellen's biggest fan. Put on some sneakers, untuck your shirt, say silly things and don't forget to dance! Got a guitar and a short cropped blonde hair do? Then why not be Melissa Etheridge? Take a look at our list of Famous Lesbians, pick your favorite and go wild!

7. A Woman in Uniform

© Kathy Belge
Some dykes go crazy for a girl in a uniform. Get a hold of a UPS uniform, Navy dress blues or a Captain's uniform. Pick up your swagger and you're ready to go!

8. Teacher, Therapist or Social Worker

Loving Annabelle 2
Every other lesbian in the room is likely to also work in one of these fields, so you'll have plenty to talk about at the Halloween party.

9. Gynecologist

Get a white coat, a speculum and a head lamp and you're good to go.

10. Reality TV Show Guest

Jackie Warner and the personal trainers of Sky Sport
© Bravo Photo: Kevin Lynch
Lord knows reality TV is about the only place you'll find lesbians on TV these days. Pick one of the Survivor lesbians, MTV's Real World or America's Next Top Model. Don't forget to whine and cry, throw a temper tantrum and talk bad behind people's backs.
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