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Frequently Asked Questions About Gay Pride

What You Need to Know


Pic of PFLAG at Pride
Kathy Belge
June is Gay Pride Month. In towns and cities all across the US and abroad, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, queers and transgenders will gather to celebrate themselves and their culture. But why do gays need a separate gay pride parade? Do lesbians have their own march too? Why is gay pride celebrated in June?

These and many more questions are answered here:

Frequently Asked Questions About Gay/Lesbian Pride

What to expect at your first gay pride.

Why is Gay Pride celebrated in June?

Why do Gays and Lesbians need their own Pride Day anyway?

Why is there no Straight Pride Parade?

Do Lesbians have their own Pride Parade?

Why are Gays so Flamboyant at Pride?

Can I go to Gay Pride if I'm heterosexual?

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