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Lesbianism in the Koala Bear

Study reveals lesbian koalas




© Benjamin Turner
Scientists studying koalas have discovered female koalas are more likely to mate with other females than with males. In a study of 130 koalas, scientists from the University of Queensland found that some females rejected advances by males and then were willing participants with females moments later.

Some of the koalas "sex sessions" involved up to five other female koalas at a time. "Our aim was to determine the extent of differences in the homosexual and heterosexual behavior of female koalas and thereby to determine the purpose of female homosexual behavior in the koala," the researchers said.

The scientists also found that homosexual behavior in koalas was restricted to females only and that they counted three lesbian encounters for every heterosexual one. Why they do it is not known. Some of the theories are for stress relief, to attract males or that hormones are involved.
Sources: The Independent, Generationq.net

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