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Gay Marriage and Lesbian Rights


This is your first stop for information abut gay marriage, gay work place rights, politicians, hate crimes, immigration and more issues of concern to gays and lesbians. Learn more about lesbian and gay rights and same-sex marriage.
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Gay Marriage

lesbian couple jumps the broom after wedding

Your first stop for gay marriage information. Where can gays and lesbians get married, civil unions and domestic partnerships? How to get married or obtain marriage rights via civil unions and domestic partnerships. And why should gays be allowed to marry anyway? What rights come with marriage? Where is gay marriage banned?

Civil Unions & Domestic Partnerships

Cheril & Monica's Wedding

Gay and lesbian civil unions and domestic partnerships around the world.

Lesbian Weddings

Miriam and Carla are married!

Plan your lesbian wedding or commitment ceremony. From picking out a ring, to proposing, to planning the perfect ceremony, this is your first stop for planning the perfect lesbian wedding.

Lesbian & Gay Rights

Gay rights are about more than just gay marriage. Get informed and get involved in gay politics including gays in the military, gay workplace rights and anti-discrimination laws.

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