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Did Jennifer Beals “out” Kate Moennig?

Is Kate Moennig a Lesbian?


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Who doesn’t think Kate Moennig who plays Shane on the L Word is sexy? She’s got the lesbian look. She’s got the lesbian style. She’s got the lesbian attitude. Everyone wants to know, is Kate Moennig a lesbian?

Is Kate Moennig a Lesbian?

Well, Kate has not come out as a lesbian. Then again, she hasn’t come out as straight or bisexual either. She’s made it pretty clear that she wants to keep her private life private. You can’t blame her for that.

In an interview with The Advocate she said, "We [actors] want to keep that personal life sacred, because that's what's most important at the end of the day."

But even so, people can’t help but wonder. And of course there are those press reports. The New York Post's Page Six gossip column reported in April 2005 that Kate Moennig and Francesca Gregorini, ex of Portia de Rossi, were spotted ‘canoodling’ at a party at for Paper magazine’s ‘Beautiful People’ issue, in “full view of guests.”

Did Jennifer Beals out Kate Moennig as a Lesbian?

So, did Jennifer Beals “out” Kate Moennig as a lesbian in a recent interview with The Advocate? The Advocate January 31, 2006 issue asked Jennifer, “Do people still assume that you have to be a lesbian to play one on TV?”

Jennifer responded, “Not at all. At least they don’t say that to me. I heard a rumor that somebody—a studio executive in L.A. who saw some of the show—assumed I was bisexual. Which was a huge compliment to me, because oftentimes I will go to Leisha or Kate or Ilene or Rose Troche most often and ask, “OK, is this the right thing to do? Is this not the right thing to do? Am I going to seem like a total chump if I do this?”

Hmm… Leisha Hailey is an out lesbian. IIene Chaiken is an out lesbian. Rose Troche is an out lesbian. Can we conclude from Jennifer Beal’s statement that Kate Moennig is an out lesbian too?

Is Kate Moennig a Lesbian

Well, of course we can assume anything we want to, but until Kate Moennig tells us herself that she is a big ol’ woman-lovin’ lesbian, we’re still left to wonder. What do you say Kate? Are you ready to come out?

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