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Dreya Weber Interview Part 2

Lesbian Life Interview with A Marine Story star Dreya Weber


Dreya Weber Standing

Dreya Weber

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Lesbian Life: You mention The Gymnast, you were a producer on that movie. Ned wrote that as well. Why are you drawn to these lesbian characters?

Dreya Weber: I think the simplest answer is I made a movie called "Everything Relative" in the mid 90s. My character was kind of the bad, stunt woman, really promiscuous. A James Dean character, if you will. For ten years afterwards I would get fan mail from all over the world. People wanting to know when I was going to do another movie. So when we were thinking of making The Gymnast.

An inciting incident in The Gymnast is Jane coming to life and falling in love with a woman and rediscovering her joy, her spirit, her sense of creativity. The reason I decided to do that was because I had these people that would write me. I was like okay, 200 people in the world care if I make another movie, let's make a movie that will be of some interest to them.

It's a very interesting question and I find it interesting because it comes up so much. I never thought about it. Probably because I'm in a family that's every well-balanced as far as that is concerned. I have a sister who's very openly bisexual. She is super political and an activist. I've grappled with this question because I'm surprised that I'm asked it so much.

We love movies and we try to hold ourselves to a high standard. But just the character on the page, as a actor, being given this opportunity, it's like Oh My God. Such a nuanced and unusual character to carry a movie, as a woman. Female, getting to drive a movie. Forget how she's subcategorized. That already is a bad idea, as far as the economics of Hollywood are concerned. A woman over 40. You're dead. Are you stupid? A drama? The star an unknown actor, a woman over 40, a drama? You might as well just go stick a fork in your eye.

I know it's been playing a lot of gay and lesbian festivals. Have others picked it up?

We've only played two straight festivals so far but we won four awards at them. I think A Marine Story is more accomplished, as far as layering plot and story and braiding it back into itself. It's such a fine art in filmmaking. I love filmmaking, I love smart filmmaking. I love feeling like I'm in competent hands that aren't going to let me down or drop the ball somewhere. We made a pro-service, anti policy movie. Also with the research, I really felt like my eyes were opened about people who serve. Dreya, I read somewhere that you identified as omnisexual. Does that still resonate? To me that was a way of me trying to grapple all the questioning that was coming at me with The Gymnast. And now I feel like that's a kind of silly thing to say. Even though I still believe it, that I, that we all have the capacity to love anyone, that it's a human being thing. But, I am in a monogamous relationship with this man that I love.

Tell me about working with Pink.

Oh my God. That one has mounted me publically. Seriously, if there was a woman that I was going to sleep with. No, I shouldn't say that.

I personally, after she performed on the Grammy's was on the phone with friends, saying OMG, did you see Pink. I was moved to tears by that. That was amazing.

It was. Having that experience.

Were you the one who put her in the sling?

Yeah, I put her in. That number was my creation from top to bottom. That apparatus didn't exist. It was something I proposed to her when we were talking about that tour.

That number was the culmination of a real journey with her. I've done three tours with her and I've worked with her for eight years. She saw me performing with Cher and she was like, "Oh, I can do that."

You get an hour to tech those shows. And everybody that's important in the music industry is going to be live in the room. And it's live. There was a lot of shit going on. It was insane. When I put her in and was about to spin her and she looked down at me and it was so beautiful. And afterward, when we got back stage, the first thing she said to me, she was so happy that it went well was, "We totally eye fucked." Yes, of course that was the way she would say it.

When she came out of the water there was this sound, it was beautiful, organic, as she passed the audience, they rippled, it was like a wave. I got chills, I was so aware that this was a once in a lifetime experience. Of all these jaded people, with all the money in the world, all the power in the industry seeing five women…. That song and the support and the apparatus are the closest I've ever gotten to the perfect union of choreography and apparatus and song and artist. It's rare and there are so many things that fight against it.

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