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Clementine Ford Comes Out


Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford comes out

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Clementine Ford - Like Mother, Like Daughter:

Clementine Ford is the daughter of actress Cybil Shepherd. Both women starred in The L Word. Cybil Shepherd played Phyllis Kroll, Bette's boss and Clementine played Phyllis' daughter Molly, one of Shane's love interests.

Clementine Ford Comes Out in Diva Magazine:

Clementine Ford appeared to have come out in British lesbian magazine Diva in February 2009. In the magazine interview she said, "The truth is that I’m not technically out yet...There. Put that in your magazine. For me, there’s never been a distinction about anything to do with sexuality, so there was no declaration to be made...My siblings and I would bring home men and women, and as long as they were human it wasn’t a big thing."

Is this Coming Out?:

In the Diva interview Clementine Ford said, "I never want to put a label on my self – but knowing that not everyone comes from such a liberal place, when something like Prop 8 comes out, you realize it’s important to stand up and be counted."

She also admitted that she has dated women.

Clementine Ford Retracts Statement in TV Guide:

Later, in an interview with TV Guide when asked about coming out, Ford said, "I’m sooo glad you asked. The first thing that really upset me was that the cover line said 'Clementine Ford Comes Out' which, clearly if you read the article, I did not come out. It was really misleading and full of misquotes to sell the magazine. If someone’s buying it to see that I came out, well, get your money back."

Clementine Ford Clarifies and Come Back out in The Advocate:

Later in an interview with The Advocate, Ford clarified that she was angry at how Diva magazine manipulated her words and she wasn't going back in the closet. This is how she phrased it, "There are people who get it, and get what my original meaning was. Just as I was talking about story lines being a nonissue on The L Word; it should just be these people are gay and it’s part of life. I think with that article, and what came across as ambiguity, was actually my attempt at making it a nonissue. Look, I am gay, and I just wanted there not to be this big emphasis on it."

Groundbreaking Lesbian Show:

When asked in an interview with The Advocate about being part of a groundbreaking show, Clementine Ford replied, "I don’t think it should be groundbreaking; it should not be made into a thing. There should be gay couples on television and lesbian and transgender people on television. It should be something that is normal. It’s exciting that it was groundbreaking, but now where do we go?"

Clementine Ford Relationships:

Ford was married to Chad Todhunter between 2000 and 2004. There were rumors that she dated Kate Moenning, her L Word co-star, but Ford has denied them, saying, "I would never." She does say that she and Kate are close friends.

Young and Restless:

Clementine Ford recently joined the cast of TV soap opera The Young & the Restless as Mackenzie “Mac” Browning.
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