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Daniela Sea: Moira (Max) on The L Word


Daniela Sea: Moira (Max) on The L Word

Daniela Sea joins The L Word as Moira.

Paul Michaud/Showtime

Daniela Sea: Season 3 of The L Word:

Daniela Sea joins The L Word in Season 3 as Jenny's love interest. Daniela Sea plays Moira, an androgynous computer technician who moves from the Midwest with Jenny. Over the course of the season, Moira will morph into Max.

The L Word's Newest Lesbian: Daniela Sea:

Daniela Sea is the second out lesbian on The L Word. Leisha Hailey, who plays Alice, is also a lesbian.

Daniela Sea Comes from a Queer Family:

Daniela Sea grew up in Malibu, California. Her parents were both hippie intellectuals. When she was a child, her father came out as gay. Her stepfather taught her to surf and moved the family to Hawaii so they could enjoy better surfing. Daniela left home at age 16 to join the punk/feminist/artist space Gilman Street Project in San Francisco. She learned improv acting and was in several punk rock bands.

Daniela on the Road:

Daniela Sea travelled all over Europe and Asia. Daniela hitchhiked through Turkey, and performed with a traveling circus in Poland.

Daniela Sea and Cross Dressing:

Daniela Sea plays butch Moira (Max) on the L Word. Cross Dressing is nothing new to her. As a butch lesbian she is often more comfortable in men's clothing. When she was traveling in India she lived as man for eight months.

Daniela lands a coveted spot on The L Word:

After Daniela returned from Europe, she moved to New York City. She realized she missed acting and "put it out there" that she was interested in roles. She gave an audition tape to a friend who works on The L Word and things quickly moved from there. Daniela got a call at her restaurant job in New York and was asked, "Can you be in Los Angeles tomorrow at noon?" She said yes, borrowed money for a plane ticket and nailed the L Word audition.

Quotes from Daniela Sea:

  • On making out with Mia Kirshner (Jenny), "When I first started, I felt a little, I won't say shy, but it's really revealing in a certain way. But it's acting, so it's not like somebody watching you making out with somebody you love, because you're not you and they're not them; you're both characters. I guess I really liked it; it was fun." (AfterEllen.com)
  • On whether she identifies as a lesbian: "I mean, I definitely have only had significant relationships since I was 19 with women. And politically I'm definitely a lesbian, or a dyke, or on the queer spectrum...But I don't believe that gender is just binary, and I never have, so that's what pulls me to sometimes politically identify as a lesbian, because I'm a feminist, and I feel like women are still so suppressed. I don't feel like we've come that far. But I also feel like there are people all along the spectrum, so in that sense, I feel like I would be more bisexual or just, you know, open-ended." (AfterEllen)
  • On living as a man in India, "It wasn't something I planned. It evolved quickly when i realized what freedom I'd have. As a man, I could ask questions and walk around at night. I felt it would give me better access to the culture." (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • On hitchhiking through Europe: "I had no money for years...It made me have more faith in people and feel like I belonged in the world, actually, and made me feel proud to be part of the world instead of like when I was younger [and was] this rebellious punk rocker who never felt like I belonged anywhere." (Curve magazine)
  • What kind of woman does Daniela like? "For me, the sexiest kind of woman is a really outspoken, liberated, feminist woman. " (Curve magazine)
  • On being an out Lesbian: "I'm really proud of [us] as a people-lesbians or queer people or whatever-and sometimes I think it's easy in this world to feel like we have something to be ashamed of, [that] what we do isn't as good, or it's not adequate compared to the rest of the bigger picture." (After Ellen)
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