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Jackie Warner Star of Work Out


Jackie Warner Star of Work Out

Jackie Warner

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Jackie Warner: Star of Work Out:

Jackie Warner is the buff lesbian babe who stars in Work Out, Bravo's reality TV show about the owner of a gym and personal fitness business in Los Angeles. Jackie owns Sky Sport and Spa, an exclusive sports medicine and fitness facility in Beverly Hills, California.

Jackie Warner is OUT :

Bravo is the network known for bringing the word queer to the mainstream with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Now America gets to see a successful and strong lesbian, running her own business. We also get to see quite a bit of her personal life.

Jackie Warner Knows Business:

By age 22 Jackie Warner founded and co-owned a cellular company that became the third top-grossing cellular company in southern California. She also worked in the entertainment industry modeling, acting and producing. In 2004, she opened Sky Sport and Spa, combining her interest nutrition and physical training. The exclusive club has a 360 degree view of Los Angeles and many celebrities as clients.

Mimi & Jackie:

Jackie Warner is not just an out lesbian on TV, she's an out lesbian in a relationship. She has been with her partner Mimi for four years and their relationship is a big part of the show. Mimi is portrayed as being jealous and quick-tempered, but the show also portrays sweet and tender moments between the lovers.

Jackie The Jock:

Jackie grew up in Ohio and has been a life-long athlete. She competed in equestrian events and played both intercollegiate soccer and softball. In an interview with Afterellen.com she says she left Ohio because, "It was suffocating being a lesbian in Ohio in the eighties."

Jackie the Role Model:

Jackie Warner hopes that people pick up on her message of fitness and wellness and make positive changes in their lives. But more than that, she told Afterellen.com "I want to reach out to people who are experiencing what I went through as a teenager. I don't want lesbians and gays to have the self-loathing that I did, so that's part of why I was willing to have my life under a microscope with this series."

Jackie on Reality TV:

Jackie knew getting into the program that reality TV isn't always that real. But, when they asked her to change her behavior for the camera, she refused. In an interview with The Advocate she said, "They wanted me to be more emotional; they didn't think certain things were dramatic enough with Mimi. I'm like, 'We're two attractive lesbians, we make out, we fight, we bite--what more do you want?'"

Jackie Warner Loves her Job:

Although much of the reality show focuses on Jackie's personal life, she wants it to include more of the training. She says she is most happy when she's training and likens her work to that of a therapist. "I'm going to push you ten times harder than you ever thought you could go," she said in an Advocate interview. "You're going to give it to me, and then you're going to feel like a million bucks. That's what I'm passionate about--to show people how powerful they are."

Work Out Picked up for Second Season:

Bravo announced that Jackie Warner and Work Out will be picked up for a second season in 2007. Nearly one million viewers tuned in for the final episode of season one's Work Out.
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